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Speaking Engagements

Do you ever feel like you’ve been to one too many motivational talks that are just…not motivational?

It’s like you’re hearing the same old stuff, over and over again. And we’re past that, you know?

I’m right there with you.

We really don’t need another “Start before you’re ready!” kind of talk. Or a “Here’s the exact way to do it” lunch-and-learn. Or an hour spent thinking to yourself, “Wow, this is a waste of my time and I’m really not getting anything out of it.”

Well, good thing, because this is not that.

Every speaking engagement I do is an entirely new energy. It’s not about a system or a “rah-rah,” it’s about sharing ideas. Starting powerful conversations. There will be useful information and takeaways for sure, but I promise you, they’ll be the meaningful kind. The kind that actually inspire change and action.

So whaddya say? Hire the speaker who’s going to connect with your audience on a relatable level, leave everyone thinking, “Well, that really gives me a lot to think about,” and get you feeling that you can conquer the world.

speaker |kourtney thomas life coachI’ve got a signature speech available and listed below, but I’m pretty easy to talk to, and a few of my favorite “pull up a seat” conversations are identity, boundaries, awareness, stories, and fears. I’m happy to build a talk or workshop around exactly what your group needs.

We’re flooded with noise about the RIGHT way to constantly maximize success, joy, and balance — all the time, always. But the RIGHT way is whatever way works best for YOU. End of story. I can share how we can move past the shiny surface to figure out how you want to show up — and then craft a plan to make it happen.

  • The RIGHT way is whatever way works best for you. End of story.
    • Understand all the factors at play in your current definitions of success, joy, and balance and how they might be holding you back from the things you want
    • Learn how to redefine those definitions to your right ways
    • Discover strategies to make those right ways work for you to create lasting motivation, change, and fulfillment

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What people say

“I gained confidence in my abilities, and in my own decision making. You set me on a path of being in tune with who I am. You provided a safe place for me to reveal my true self.”

“This workshop was SO. MUCH. MORE. than I came here for! I’ve been challenged to think outside of all the boxes the world says you have to be in.”

“I am much better at assessing my current obligations and goals, prioritizing what is most important for a given period of time, and really focusing on those goals – without the guilt from what I am putting on the back burner since I know I can always make it a priority in the future.”

“The workshop was amazing. I spent pretty much the last 8 years of my life choosing by not choosing, and it resulted in so many bad things and nearly ruined my marriage. I wish I had met you earlier, but I probably wouldn’t have been ready to do the work until now.”

Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch the pomp + circumstance and just focus on connecting.

Book your (completely free) call to see how this feels in your guts.

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