choice discovery immersion

“Why can’t I figure this out on my own?”

I get this all the time, and together we’ll get it sorted.

Custom coaching starting at $197.

“I should be able to do all this on my own, right?”

Well, sometimes, yeah. But sometimes? No. Sometimes, you have to bring in a third party with fresh eyes to get to the root of the issue.

(Hey! That’s me!)

And no matter what you’re struggling with, we’ll dig down to the roots and start sorting it out.

I know you have a vision.

It’s a beautiful vision! Maybe it’s so bold and beautiful, it freaks you out. Maybe having the audacity to live this honestly and authentically in real life seems daunting.

But you know what? This feeling of not living up to your potential isn’t getting you anywhere either.

There’s a reason you can’t stop thinking about this. There’s a reason why you feel it in your gut, in your bones, in your heart and soul. There’s a reason why you’re here, seeking out a coach, a catalyst.

I know you’re scared to make the wrong decision, but that’s all part of it. The answers, the choices, the courageous actions, and the permission to take them – they’re all within you. And together, we’re going to get you to a place of feeling unquestionably you, well-equipped to handle anything you choose for yourself, and charged to live this vision you see in your head every day.

Here’s how we’ll team up:

1 Session + More


If you’re having trouble pinpointing exactly what’s got you feeling bored, tired, frustrated, lost, antsy for what’s next, let’s spend a month digging a little deeper to determine the root and tools for you to break through with confidence.

  •  4 discovery worksheets
  •  One 1-hour call


3-month customized flow


If you need ongoing help pinpointing, continued help processing, and a bit more accountability – but with some freedom, let’s devote more time and effort to exposing and digging into the issue, then building an action plan around it.

  • 1 worksheet per week  
  • 3 emails per week
  • 1 call per month


3-month structured program


If you don’t know what you need, or you need it all, plus structure and guided support to go beyond every story, every fear, every underlying bit of BS, let’s commit to three months together to fully expose and rebuild the foundation.

  • 1-3 discovery worksheets per week
  • 3 books
  • Biweekly 1-hour calls (6 total)
  • Unlimited ongoing communication


Flip fear on its head – you have free reign to figure out what works for YOU.

We’re going to get to the heart of the thing. Not just cake it with rainbows and call it a day.

By the time we wrap up, you’ll know who you are. You’ll know what you want to do, and more than that — you’ll know how to do it.

I promise, no matter what you choose, working with me as your coach will:

  • Be built entirely custom to cover all the things you need — and none of the things you don’t. This means more efficient use of our time together so your money gets you the most results.
  • Always happen in virtual spaces with phone calls and video, so our sessions seamlessly work into your schedule.
  • Get to the root of what’s actually going on so you can stop beating around the bush and finally bust through those dusty old barriers.
  • Challenge your current perceptions and perspectives so we can find new (and more constructive) ways to work the problem.
  • Allow you the space and time to set new definitions for your success and expectations so it’s not a sprint to the finish line. (Growth takes some time, girl.)
  • Equip you with concrete action plans and exercises so you actually know what to do to feel better (beyond, y’know, “drinking more water”).
  • Create unshakeable confidence that’s quiet and undeniable, giving you a solid sense of self no matter where you decide to take your life next.

The YOU you’ve always wanted to meet has been there all along. We’ve just got to bust her out of the B. S. world that’s been built by other people.

And it all starts with a free chat with me.

People say:

“The biggest thing that I got out of our work was a real sense of clarity – I realized that I knew what I wanted out of life, but equally what I didn’t want. And I realized that I had much more confidence in myself and my abilities than I actually knew. As a result of this work, I’m definitely approaching life differently, I’m much more certain of what I want, and more focused in my approach.” – JD

“I gained confidence in my abilities, and in my own decision making. You set me on a path of being in tune with who I am. You provided a safe place for me to reveal my true self.” – JH

“As a result of our work together, I’m more mindful of my choices. I put myself and my needs first. I engage more in self-care. I’ve cut toxic people out of my life, and I’m focused on not only my friends who are ‘on my team,’ but I’m also focused on rebuilding my network. I had gotten away from that. Honestly, I had gotten away from the things that bring me joy. I’m reclaiming those.” – DJ

“I thoroughly enjoyed working together. I was challenged. I had fun. I was asked the right questions that helped to clarify all of the confusion and chaos in my mind. I gained new perspectives and was given the opportunity to let go of the societal and familial rules that governed my actions and the way I thought. Most of all, I remember that our work together made things feel manageable. Doable. Not-so-overwhelming. The work made me realize that I didn’t have to have my whole life planned out, in detail, to be able to enjoy it or have forward momentum or try new things.” LW


Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch the pomp + circumstance and just focus on connecting.

Book your (completely free) call to see how this feels in your guts.

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