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      choice discovery immersion

      Self-discovery strategy that works for you

      Uncover, Unlearn, Unleash.

      Let’s get this sorted, together.

      Self-discovery Strategy, starting at $299/mo.

      “I should be able to do all this on my own, right?”

      Well, sometimes, yeah. But sometimes? No. Sometimes, you have to bring in a third party with fresh eyes to get to the root of the issue. Sometimes, you need a guide. Sometimes, you require a little tough love and accountability.

      (Hey! That’s me!)

      And no matter what you’re struggling with, we’ll uncover it and start sorting it out.

      I know you’re scared to make the wrong decision, to dive off into the intangible world of the unknown. I understand that asking for help or hiring a coach can feel scary or a little bit weird.  I get that, believe me. 

      But that’s all part of it. And consider me the life coach for people who are reeeeeal skeptical of life coaches. The fitness coach for people who are reeeeeal tired of fitness stuff.

      Bottom line is this: The answers, the choices, the possibilities, the courageous actions, and the permission to take them – they’re all within you. And I’m here to support you in your self-discovery, your expert guide on your journey to knowing yourself, being yourself, trusting yourself, and feeling oh-so-dang confident in yourself. 

      Here’s how we’ll make it happen:

      Self-Discovery Strategy Partnerships

      3-month customized flow

      $897 (monthly payments available – $299/month)

      This is the self-discovery partnership that walks you through the proven process. I’ll help you pinpoint your challenges, process with support, and always be available for accountability. I’ll give you tools and strategies, but I’ll also give you enough freedom to explore them on your own terms. You won’t find formulas here.  

      • 1-3 self-discovery worksheets per week 
      • 1 check-in email per week
      • 1 coaching call per month


      UUU +
      3-month customized flow

      $1197 (monthly payments available – $399/month)

      Everything the Uncover, Unlearn, Unleash program has to offer, with just a little additional support. 

      • 1-3 self-discovery worksheets per week 
      • 1-3 check-in emails per week
      • 2 coaching calls per month

      My partnership process is unique. It’s unlike any other coaching program out there, and I’ve refined the framework over the course of several years and hundreds of clients in order to achieve the best results in the most supported and individualized way. It’s tough to go deep, but I promise, this makes it a little less tough.

      Flip fear on its head – you have free reign to figure out what works for YOU.

      We’re going to get to the heart of the thing. Not just cake it with rainbows and call it a day.

      By the time we wrap up, you’ll be feeling a little more You and a lot more confident. You’ll know what you want to do, and more than that – you’ll know how to do it.

      I promise, no matter what you choose, working with me on your Self-Discovery journey will:

      • Be built entirely custom to cover all the things you need – and none of the things you don’t. This means more efficient use of our time together so your money gets you the most results.
      • Always happen in virtual spaces with phone calls and video, so our sessions seamlessly work into your schedule.
      • Get to the root of what’s actually going on so you can stop beating around the bush and finally bust through those dusty old barriers.
      • Challenge your current perceptions and perspectives so we can find new (and more constructive) ways to work the problem.
      • Allow you the space and time to set new definitions for your success and expectations so it’s not a sprint to the finish line. (Growth takes some time, my friend.)
      • Equip you with concrete tools and practices so you actually know what to do to feel better (beyond, y’know, “drinking more water”).
      • Create unshakeable confidence that’s undeniable, giving you a solid sense of self no matter where you decide to take your life next.

      The YOU you’ve always wanted to meet has been there all along. We’ve just got to bust her out of the B. S. world that’s been built by other people.

      Let’s get you out there living YOUR life, confidently.


      (If you’re looking for fitness-specific coaching – keep scrolling for all the details!)

      People say:

      “The biggest thing that I got out of our work was a real sense of clarity – I realized that I knew what I wanted out of life, but equally what I didn’t want. And I realized that I had much more confidence in myself and my abilities than I actually knew. As a result of this work, I’m definitely approaching life differently, I’m much more certain of what I want, and more focused in my approach.” – JD

      “I gained confidence in my abilities, and in my own decision making. You set me on a path of being in tune with who I am. You provided a safe place for me to reveal my true self.” – JH

      “As a result of our work together, I’m more mindful of my choices. I put myself and my needs first. I engage more in self-care. I’ve cut toxic people out of my life, and I’m focused on not only my friends who are ‘on my team,’ but I’m also focused on rebuilding my network. I had gotten away from that. Honestly, I had gotten away from the things that bring me joy. I’m reclaiming those.” – DJ

      “I thoroughly enjoyed working together. I was challenged. I had fun. I was asked the right questions that helped to clarify all of the confusion and chaos in my mind. I gained new perspectives and was given the opportunity to let go of the societal and familial rules that governed my actions and the way I thought. Most of all, I remember that our work together made things feel manageable. Doable. Not-so-overwhelming. The work made me realize that I didn’t have to have my whole life planned out, in detail, to be able to enjoy it or have forward momentum or try new things.” – LW


      kourtney thomas fitness training | kourtney thomas fitness & life coaching


      Fitness & Body Image Coaching



      Before you begin another crash diet or start yet another program torn from the pages of a magazine, remember:

      You are always in control of how you feel, how you look, and how you want to live.

      And when it comes to your body? That’s gotta be all about you.

      It can’t be something that worked for your BFF or the lady at your kiddo’s school. It can’t be whatever the newest social media influencer is pushing. It can’t be whatever you did 15 years ago. And it definitely can’t be whatever’s buried in conditioning and stories and outdated expectations and unhelpful shoulds.

      Your fitness can be, and it will be, exactly what feels right, feels comfortable, feels aligned, feels empowering – what feels like you.

      I’ve been doing this fitness stuff for a really long time – a decade, in fact. I’ve been a personal trainer in a gym, a group fitness coach at a popular boutique studio, an independent in-home and online fitness and running coach, a speaker, and a mentor. I’ve got all the experience (and all the qualifications, too, if you’re into that), the clients, the results.

      But most of all, I’ve got many of the same stories you have. 

      I’ve struggled through killing myself in workouts, doing fitness stuff I hated, restrictive eating, skin-pinching, body-bashing, tons of shoulds, comparisons (to myself and to others) – the seemingly neverending barrage of pressure that comes from cultural and societal ideals of bodies and health.

      All that combined makes me uniquely qualified to help you shed all those shoulds, free yourself from fitting into one kind of body box, and find your fitness right way – forever.

      If you’re ready for that kind of feeling? Let’s do this. A few great ways to get going:

      If you want a comprehensive program

      Sign up for Fitness Unraveled Group or Fitness Unraveled Solo. It’s the 4-month coaching program that’ll show you how to unload the fitness and health BS you’ve been carrying around your whole life and uncomplicate your body confidence now.

      The group happens once a year, and you can find all the details and waitlist here!

      FU Solo is the exact same format and curriculum as the group, but you can do it anytime, no waiting, just me and you! The coaching program follows the same approach, with even more discussion and interaction. If you’re through restricting, done with diet culture, and ready to really feel better in your body and figure out exactly how to do it – this is for you.

      Fitness Unraveled is $1196 or $299/month, group or solo. If you have additional Qs, check out this FAQ page, or email me directly anytime. 
      If you want to do this on your own

      Check out the Fitness Unraveled Course. You get the entire FU curriculum dripped out two course modules at a time so it’s never overwhelming. And with lifetime access, you can get the same benefits and results the program always delivers, but totally at your own pace, on your own time, whenever you’re ready – and for an extremely approachable investment financially. There’s optional coaching from me available along the way too.

      If you just need a little accountability

      I work with a small number of individual clients for fitness accountability coaching. Basically, if you’re a person who’s willing to put in the work but do it a little better if you have to be accountable to someone outside yourself (Hello, Obligers of the world!) – this is for you. You’ll get a weekly check-in and personalized response from me for just $100/month. Just enough skin in the game to really get those goals!

      If you want to train

      I accept an extremely limited amount of individual virtual personal training and running coaching clients, by application and match only. If you’re interested in seeing if this is a fit, fill out the application below, and I’ll be in touch.

      People say:

      “I don’t hate my body any more. I feel pretty neutral about it and mostly grateful for my body. I’ve also found out exercise is about listening to my body and finding something I enjoy. I’ve found that exercise is about enjoying the way my body feels when it’s moving. I’ve found that fitness is more than exercise, but it’s all of it. It’s how I feel in my body, how I move my body, how I fuel my body, how I support it’s health. I’ve taken apart so many stories and beliefs that I’ve held for years and I feel like change is something that is supposed to happen. I’ve been so relieved and excited to find that things that I was previously stuck on like goals, were ok to get rid of and change and reframe as priorities.” – Jenna

      “I know I learned some things about myself, or should I say some things I already thought became clearer.” – Jules

      “Really helps to fight the fitness industry bullshit, rules, things we tell ourselves that don’t do us justice.” – Shannon

      “I can tell already that I am handling things differently than I was..these books and your questions have helped me see my life in different ways, more freeing ways. I am able to get past some of the mental knots I was tying for myself regarding what I eat and how I move and how I assess my body. I know that what I am learning will stay with me because the freedom I feel from changing the way I look at some common issues in my life is so life changing. I won’t want to put myself back in bondage over those things. You have helped facilitate all this Kourtney! Thank you! I am feeling so good about how far I have come in six weeks. I think I had a ton of loose ends and this work is tying those together, making connections where I wasn’t able to on my own.” – Heather

      “Fitness Unraveled is exactly what it sounds like: I spent time really taking apart my ideas about fitness (nutrition, exercise, health…). I learned more about myself than I was aware I had to learn…how I think, how I feel, how I see myself in the world, and some of the ‘why’ around those things. It helped me remove the guilt around not doing so many ‘shoulds’ and the shame around my body.” – Jenna

      “I don’t know that there IS anything like FU honestly. I’m pretty keen on self-help and looking for ways to help myself when things aren’t ‘right’ in my head and I was not seeing anything. I’ve taken some other online classes that sort of assisted with some aspects…and of course I’m a huge believer in therapy. This is a good course that is not as in-depth as therapy but goes deeper than other online courses I’ve taken to help my negative or not good enough thoughts.” – Shannon

      “The most valuable part of the program was the interaction with other women who were open to sharing their experiences and were all working through the standard social expectations without talking about how pretty, or thin, or disciplined we were. We talked about real topics and real joy and real successes which was something new for me as I don’t have many female relationships.” – Lisa

      Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch that and just talk about what you need.

      Book your (completely free) call to see how this feels in your guts.

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