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confirmation bias | kourtney thomas

On confirmation bias.

Are you familiar with the concept of confirmation bias? Basically, this is when we have an idea or an opinion and we automatically seek out people or systems or articles [...]

Crisis Averted Cover | kourtney thomas

“Like, how can you NOT figure this out with this handbook?”

i don't know | kourtney thomas

The benefits of “I don’t know.”

On dressing up. Or dressing down.

own your priorities | kourtney thomas choice discovery

On owning your priorities.

There are not a ton of women who lift at my gym. Honestly, like most gyms, there aren’t really a ton of women in general. But also, like most gyms, [...]

one year from now | kourtney thomas

One year from now.

self help | kourtney thomas

On self-help.

coffee quest ii | kourtney thomas choice discovery

The Epic Coffee Quest: Part II

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