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Have you ever encountered the idea of the “too much” woman? Have you ever been called a “too much” woman? Yeah, me too. And most of the time, I embrace [...]

bare minimum highest dream | kourtney thomas life coach

Bare minimum or highest dream?

productivity + flow | kourtney thomas life coach

One question for more productivity and flow in your day.

get aggressive do it your way | kourtney thomas

Get aggressive, and do it your way.

breakthrough | kourtney thomas life coach

How to have your next huge breakthrough.

I had a coaching call with a client this week, and in our last fifteen minutes, she had a huge breakthrough. The kind of breakthrough that prompted a pause, a [...]

business decision formula | kourtney thomas life coach

Your perfect formula for business decisions.

biggest regret | kourtney thomas life coach

What’s your biggest regret?

environment matters | kourtney thomas life coach

Environment matters.

Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch the pomp + circumstance and just focus on connecting.

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