Stories, struggles, and successes in digging up the foundation.

distractions | kourtney thomas life coach

When the distractions take away too much.

I’ve been talking about it for, I don’t know, probably a year or more, and I’ve written about it no less than five times – my dreaded struggle with social [...]

affirmation | kourtney thomas

For the affirmation skeptics (like me).

youtube intro | kourtney thomas life coach

Why I started a YouTube Channel.

Three lessons to start 2019.

what will you come back to | kourtney thomas

What can you come back to?

This December for me has probably been the most interesting December of my life. And we’re not even halfway through! Sheesh. If you know me at all by now, you [...]

boundaries | kourtney thomas

I’m not sad you can’t come to my party.

you are the voice | kourtney thomas

You are the voice.

groceries | kourtney thomas

When did grocery shopping get so complicated?

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