Stories, struggles, and successes in digging up the foundation.

potential | kourtney thomas life coach

“How is it that I was totally OK for all this time…and now I’m just…not?”

I was recently part of a panel for a local leadership training program, FOCUS St. Louis Emerging Leaders. The topic was navigating pivots purposefully. I spent, like, a full week [...]

eat the pie | kourtney thomas life coach

Eat the pie. And please don’t do burpees.

How to generate more impact.

kourtney likes winter | kourtney thomas life coach

The darkness and the light.

PFP Trainer of the Month | Kourtney Thomas Coach

Raising the bar.

Last week, I received an unexpected but not unexciting email. “Congratulations!” it said. “You have been selected as the November 2019 PFP Trainer of the Month for Personal Fitness Professional! Your [...]

text 1 | kourtney thomas life coach

Screenshot this.

women supporting women | kourtney thomas life coach

“Do women help other women?”

book recommendations Q3 | Kourtney Thomas Life Coach

Easy like Sunday…afternoon. (22 new book recommendations!)

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