There’s more out there for you.

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Conquer-the-world coaching for women who want to know what the hell they’re doing.

Whether you’re stuck, wedged, or wanting that little something more —

We get your goals within your grasp.

You + Life

Uncover + unlearn the B.S. stories you’ve been carrying around for decades and finally come home to yourself.

You + Career

No matter where you’re at in your job, move forward with career stuff confidently. Solid footing. Clear head. Can’t lose.

You + Future

Look unflinchingly into your future with actionable plans that put you on a concrete path to where you want to be.

Hi! I’m Kourtney, and consider this permission to do things YOUR way.

We’re flooded with noise about the RIGHT way to constantly maximize success, joy, and balance — all the time, always.

But the RIGHT way is whatever way works best for you. End of story.

Together, we dig elbows-deep into the thrumming hum of electricity that drives you so we can figure out how you want to show up — and then craft a plan to make it happen.

I’ve worked with dozens of women, helping them realize that these limits we’ve set for ourselves are nothing but fluffy lies.

We are capable of moving mountains, unwedging our worried minds, and changing our worlds.

It all starts with a quick little call with me.

(It’s free, obviously.)

No glittery confetti cannons here.
Just genuine grit + growth.

When we work together, you can always expect transparent honesty that’s delivered with a dose of complete understanding. (I’ve been there, after all. More than once.)

I say what I mean — without being mean. I talk straight, cut through the junk, and bring up the hard stuff so we can crack your fears wide open.

Moving past the shiny surface is where the magic really happens, and I’m here the whole time to help you adventure through your failures, fears, and big fancy goals.

I’ve got you.

And that’s a promise.

True Stories From Someone Who’s Been There, Done That — And Then Found a Better Way.

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Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch the pomp + circumstance and just focus on connecting.

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