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      press | kourtney thomas life coach


      Oh, hey!

      I’m Kourtney, and I’ve been at this whole conquer-the-world coaching thing for a while, which means I’m pretty damn good at it. Sort it out, work the problem, adventure through failures, fears, and big fancy goals.

      Over the course of my years as an entrepreneur, I’ve become a go-to resource for a wide range of folks, publications, and podcasts. I know they’d tell you I’m responsive, professional, and insightful. And I’d tell you that I love providing a unique perspective, and I’m totally comfortable writing or speaking in any situation, for any audience.

      I’m pretty easy to talk to, and a few of my favorite “pull up a seat” conversations are around body image and confidence, values, conditioning, awareness, self-compassion, mindset, and self-trust.

      Below, you can find a sampling of articles and podcasts I’ve been featured in, as well as speaking engagements I’ve done. I’m always happy to add to the list, so if you’d like to contact me for an interview or quote, or hire me to speak or facilitate a workshop at your company or event – let’s chat about it today!


      Good Thing We’re Perfect Podcast

      The Smart Woman Round Table with Darine BenAmara: Do you dress the way you want to be addressed?

      The Roller Coaster Podcast: The Right Way For You with Kourtney Thomas

      Change Work Life: Episode 90: Aligning your work with your values – with Kourtney Thomas

      The Feminine Lens: Rediscovering Your Strengths and Releasing Expectations with Kourtney Thomas

      The Kitchen Table with Alicia Brown: Self-growth, body image, and Dolly Parton with Kourtney Thomas

      The Find Your Awesome Podcast: Doing Things YOUR Way with Kourtney Thomas

      Real Food, Real Conversations: Body Image and Social Media

      Career Blindspot Podcast, Episode 087: Leading Body Image with Kourtney Thomas

      Resilience Found Podcast: On Her Own – The Resilience of an Entrepreneur

      Practice Makes Presence Ep. 58: Finding Your Inner Dolly Parton with Kourtney Thomas

      Sustaining Creativity Podcast: Creativity through the lens of a Self-Discovery Facilitator

      Peaceful Power Podcast: Find Your Inner Dolly Parton

      Honestly Well Podcast, Episode 12: Cultivating Self-Trust with Kourtney Thomas

      Turmeric & Tequila, Episode 75: Channeling your Inner Dolly Parton

      Harder to Kill Radio #87: Taking Up Space with Kourtney Thomas

      The Dietitian Against Diets Podcast, Episode 9: Kourtney Thomas

      Living Deliberately Podcast, Episode 03: Deliberate Shifts With Kourtney Thomas

      Being A Whole Person Podcast, Episode 12: TRUSTING YOUR OWN AUTHORITY WITH KOURTNEY THOMAS

      Our Uncensored Life Podcast, Episode 5: Kourtney Thomas and Social Media Influence and Addiction

      Lightbulb Moment, Ep 26: Kourtney Thomas – When You Are Your Brand

      Fit n’ Chips Chats, Episode 10: Kourtney Thomas – Big Arms, Big Life

      All About Fitness, Episode 57: Kourtney Thomas

      NSCA Coaching Podcast, Episode 42: Kourtney Thomas, Nicole Dabbs, and Ashley Jackson. 

      Balanced Bites Podcast, Episode #280: Muscle Building with Jen Sinkler and Kourtney Thomas

      Mind Muscle & Movement Podcast, Episode 89 –  Bigness, Taking up Space, Body Confidence, Mindset

      Grace & Grit Podcast, 097: Big Arms, Big Life w/ Kourtney Thomas



      Runner’s World: What Is Peripheral Heart Action Training, and How Can It Help Your Running?

      verywellmind: Lots of People Give Up on New Year’s Resolutions, and That’s Okay

      Runner’s World: How to Nurture Your Relationship With Exercise, So You Don’t Overload Yourself

      Bicycling: Sedentary Behavior Tends to Increase as You Age-Here’s How to Combat It

      Runner’s World: Should You Lift With Heavier Weight and Lower Reps-or Vice Versa?

      LiveStrong: How Little Can You Exercise and Still See Results?

      Bicycling: Sedentary Behavior Tends to Increase as You Age—Here’s How to Combat It

      Women’s Health: The Best Shoulder Workout To Reshape Your Arms Also featured in print April 2018. 


      Self: 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Workout More Efficient

      Openfit: What Is Your Posterior Chain and Why Should You Target It?

      Women’s Health: Exactly How to Lift Heavy Weights to Sculpt Muscle and Get Seriously Strong

      LiveStrong: 6 Resistance Band Exercises to Make Strength Training More Effective

      Fairygodboss: 4 Things Everyone Needs to Stop Saying to Women Who Don’t Want Kids

      Self: 3 Small Strength Training Changes That’ll Help You Build Bigger Muscles

      Fitness: 5 Reasons Women Need to Work Out Their Pecs

      LiveStrong: 8 Tips for Getting Back Into the Gym After a Vacation

      U.S. News & World Report: The 7 Simplest, Easiest Ways to Lose More Weight, According to Science

      Speaking Engagements

      YOU-Volution Summit presented by Glow Up, Gyrl: Your Resilience Toolkit: 4 surprising skills to set you up for strength in any situation

      The Pennington School Sophomore Leadership Group: Compassion in Leadership

      NSCA 2021 Personal Trainers Virtual Conference: Coach Online Like You Coach Offline: How to stand apart in a crowded, trendy market

      Women in Fitness Association October 2021 Monthly Meeting: Let’s Talk Confidence

      Women in Insurance and Financial Services St. Louis Chapter Monthly Meeting: Boost your body love: Cultivating a better relationship with your body, starting today

      AspireHer Women’s Business Conference: Your Resilience Toolkit: 4 surprising skills to set you up for strength in any situation

      ACSM International Health & Fitness Summit 2021: Coach Online Like You Coach Offline: How to stand apart in a crowded, trendy market

      Global Entrepreneurship Week Kansas City: Uncomplicated healthy living: Feel good, get results, focus on what matters

      Purposeful You: Unleash your more: Life lessons from Dolly Parton

      Venture Cafe St. Louis: Uncomplicated healthy living: Feel good, get results, focus on what matters

      #SheCan Summit: Meaningful Productivity: How to be OK with Completing Just One Thing a Day

      Freelance Business Week Denver: That Business Body: Busting the fitness B.S. so you can get out of your head and into the world

      NSCA Northwest Regional Conference: Train Online Like You Train Offline: How to stand apart in a crowded, trendy market


      ThriveCo Member Coffee Chats: Meaningful Productivity: How to be OK with Completing Just One Thing a Day

      NSCA Personal Trainers Conference 2018: Train Online Like You Train Offline: How to stand apart in a crowded, trendy market

      The Fitness Summit 2017: On Women and Bigness: It’s not just how to sell, it’s how not to sell.

      Women Empowering Women Edwardsville: Are you a chicken or a pig?

      Women Empowering Women O’Fallon: New Year, Choose You

      Women Empowering Women Alton: Before anything else, invest in yourself.

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