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Work With Me

I’ve been asked, many times by many different people, what I want my business to look like. And in a time where so many entrepreneurs are scaling and automating and creating passive income streams and whatever other things are out there – it’s still crystal clear to me that I want to work directly with other women.

So, that’s what I do.

In my experience, in all areas of my life, working directly with a coach has always given me far better results than I ever expected, has enhanced my life way above and beyond any self-guided course or book. Committing to self-development isn’t easy, but it’s much easier with a partner.

And I’m here to be your partner in Choice Discovery.

All the ways to work together are below, and we can hop on a call right now to chat about what’s right for you.

Let’s discover choice – together.


Choice Choice Discovery Immersion


Immersion: A virtual process of uncovering and owning your power to choose for yourself. Coaching ranges from one call to a six-month partnership. Learn more.



Choice Discovery Encounter


Encounter: An in-person deep dive, followed by three months of virtual coaching, marrying the best of online and IRL. Learn more.



Choice Discovery Ignition


Ignition: A workshop to gain clarity and direction, motivation and next steps. Learn more.



Choice Discovery Out Loud


Out Loud: Not just another boring speech, but a sharing of ideas, with an entirely new energy. Learn more.



Choice Discovery Experience


Experience: A weekend retreat for women, with total freedom to show up as your full, true self. Learn more.



Choice Discovery Movement | Kourtney Thomas


Tools: Downloadable goodness to give you a jumpstart toward choice. Learn more.

I love telling stories.

LOVE it. So I do it every week, sometimes twice. Real-life adventures and lessons in Choice Discovery are all here, direct to your inbox.