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      Fitness Unraveled: FAQs

      Common Questions about Fitness Unraveled Coaching

      How much time do I need to dedicate to the program each day, and each week?

      This will vary from person to person, of course, based on how deeply you cover each Reflection topic, how much you interact with the group, and how long it takes you to read the required books. Based on prior participant feedback, 5-8 hours per week is a start, 8-12 hours is a good ballpark for thorough reflection and engagement, and an hour a day is a sweet spot. Some participants take that time daily, some batch it on weekends or days they have more time available.

      I will be traveling at some point during the four months. Is that OK? Can I still participate?

      You can absolutely still participate in the group, even if you will be traveling or absent for a period of time during the four months. You just need to be aware that you will need to set aside time to complete your Reflections and other materials at your own pace as necessary to be able to stay engaged with the group and the schedule. The content builds from week to week, and it will be expected that you are able to engage around your travel.

      How is the program delivered?

      It’s all online! Weekly Reflections and Book Reflections will be delivered via shared Dropbox, in both PDF and Microsoft Word format for your convenience. Daily prompts and group interaction will happen in a private Slack group. Video interaction will happen via Slack and Zoom Meetings.

      What is the format?

      The format looks a little like this:

      • Emails are delivered Mondays with an update on Weekly Reflections and Book Reflections added to the shared Dropbox (in PDF and Microsoft Word format), as well as a personal check-in.
      • Slack prompts to dig into the week’s material are posted daily, Monday through Friday.
      • Live coaching (either Slack or Zoom Meeting) happens once per week, typically Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

      What do I need to be able to participate?

      All you need is an open mind, an email address, and a Slack account. Of course, you’ll need a commitment to growth and self-care, and some dedicated time to reflect and participate in the group too.

      Do I have to buy the books required for the group?

      Nope! The two required books for the curriculum are included with the cost of the program.

      Do I have to read the books?

      Yes, you do. The material covered in the books is essential to the work that we do throughout the course.

      Do I have to read the “recommended” books?

      No, you don’t. There are two extra books that are recommended, but not required. They can help enhance your understanding of some of the concepts we work through, but are not mandatory to get the full benefit of the materials.

      Do I have to be on Slack?

      You do have to have a Slack account in order to participate in the Fitness Unraveled Coaching group. Many of the materials are delivered via email, but it is expected that you engage in group discussions, and we do that on Slack. Even if you are not currently active on Slack, you would need to create an account to use for this program. Note: I’ve made the choice to move from Facebook to Slack for a variety of reasons, and while you might not be super familiar with this app, it’s user friendly and great for community engagement – promise.

      Is there a fitness program or coaching?

      No. The whole point of this program is to release and unlearn the idea that you need to be following a certain fitness program, and to help you explore what possibilities for movement will help you feel best. Resources to match what you find out will be available. Of course, I will be available to provide direction and answer questions too, specifically if you should find that strength training, running, or cycling are part of your right way.

      Is there a nutrition program or coaching?

      Nope. See above.

      How much does it cost?

      $247/month as auto-debit payments or $988 as a one-time payment.

      What is not included in the cost of the program?

      The only thing not included is the end-of-program Retreat. That is an optional activity, and an additional fee should you choose to attend.

      I’m on the fence about spending this kind of money. How do I know it will be right for me?

      Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question in an FAQ section, because it’s completely individual. There is no way to determine the unique value that you will get out of this program, but I can tell you that every participant so far has found it well worth their investment. In the end, it is an investment in growth, confidence, freedom and self-care. It’s an investment in you, and absolutely an investment in your future. You have to decide for yourself if that’s a worthwhile financial investment.

      What if I don’t have PayPal?

      If you don’t have PayPal, you’ll have to do a one-time payment, which can come through either Stripe or Venmo. Unfortunately, PayPal is the only payment accepted for monthly installments for this program. But you can feel comfortable using the service, even without creating an account – it’s fast, easy, secure, and you can use all major credit cards.

      Is there a payment plan?

      Yep! You can choose to pay in 4 monthly installments, or 6 smaller monthly installments, which will be auto-debited each month via PayPal subscription.

      What if I have other questions?

      No problem, I’m happy to answer any of them! You can email me directly at

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