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      Welcome to the Choice Discovery Movement.

      welcome to the movement

      I believe it’s time to place yourself back into your own hands.

      I believe you may bristle at my saying this, and I believe that’s a sign.

      And I’ve received my fair share of signs. I’ve also ignored enough of them.

      I’ve been in safe situations, stable jobs and comfortable spots. I’ve been in turmoil, uncertain times, and uncomfortable circumstances. I’ve worked for others, bowed to philosophies that were not my own, become consumed by external expectations and conditioning. At my lowest, I’ve allowed myself to succumb to the helpless victim mentality, losing nearly all my drive and independence.

      But there was always a flicker of truth and understanding, and it never went out. The spark has been fanned, and the flame is burning. I’ve returned to myself, rediscovered my confidence, identity, and purpose, and now stand firmly in a place of genuine freedom and openness – by conscious choice.

      And I believe you can find this freedom too.

      I know you have an excess of demands and expectations placed upon you daily. I know you have people and responsibilities vying for your energy. I know that you feel like you should put anything and everything ahead of yourself and your dreams and desires.

      I also know that you’re ready for what’s next. I know you’re craving exploration, knowledge, and permission to live life more fully on your terms. And I know you can do that work – if you are willing.

      It isn’t easy to admit that we’re not in control. It doesn’t set well to realize your life is not your own. It’s uncomfortable to understand that you are living in a place of avoidance – just getting through.

      And that’s your sign.

      Because it doesn’t have to feel this way. We do not have to sigh and shrug it all away. We have control over our choices.

      I will help you discover those choices. I am determined to remind you that you get to choose. Whether consciously or not, regardless of demands or expectations, perceived or real, you have the power to choose for yourself. You are always afforded a series of choices or defaults, and they are yours for the making, or avoiding.

      I will work with you to remove expectations, shift perspectives, and see yourself in a whole new light. Ultimately, you will move from the floodlight of social conditioning to the new light of choice.

      Above all, I want you to take back your freedom. To rediscover your curiosity. To stand confidently in your independence. To consciously shift into determining your own standards, and living by them, completely unencumbered.

      So, are you ready to discover choice?



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