The roots of Choice Discovery.

choice discovery roots

The roots of Choice Discovery have been churning beneath the surface for a few years now, growing, slowly.

And in that time, this movement, this concept, and how it affects me and my life – both business and personal – has continued to evolve and grow too. It hasn’t been until just recently, though, that I’ve been able to give it shape, really birth the words to describe this incredible thing that has been driving me for so long now.

Choice discovery.

It didn’t come easily. It usually doesn’t. It took guidance, which it usually does. But wow, it’s worth it. After struggling for nearly a year to find any semblance of alignment or direction for myself and my work, I have a crystal-clear picture of it. I’m comfortable. I’m confident.

Which is the very beauty in choice discovery for everyone.

The seeds were planted a few years ago when I was presented with a simple journaling question: “What are you about?” In the space of a half a minute, I scribbled furiously, “I’m about taking control of the choices I make and being intentional about them – whatever way they may go. Enjoying as much as possible. Open to everything but know that I don’t have to be.” And ever since, choice has been at the forefront of everything I do, everything I coach, everything I teach.

I’ve never been one to default, to accept the status quo. I’ve always asked questions and made my own choices. It’s no wonder that has been a strong current in how I’ve both built my business and come into my own as a woman. But still, there have been times, decisions, that have been externally influenced just a little too much.

Like, is this really how I want this to go? Is this really what I want it to look like? And while I was always able to own my choices, I wasn’t yet able to completely own my gifts, vision, my essence.

Funny, then, that the very thing that was so central to this vision was the thing I couldn’t seem to hold onto. The part about conscious choice, being intentional, staying open, but remaining clear about what I didn’t want. I was so ready, I just wanted to know what I wanted! But with so many expectations and demands piling up, I couldn’t find it, and I was exhausted. Sometimes, that discovery process takes a little help, a friendly hand on your shoulder, a gentle, but direct gaze to remind you – you get to decide.

I was able to find that help, and now, it’s up to me to remind you. And that’s what the Choice Discovery Movement is all about.

Because choice discovery is the reminder that choice exists, and it exists for you.

Choice discovery is the understanding that you always have control over your choices.

Choice discovery is the revelation that, whether consciously or not, and regardless of demands or expectations, perceived or real, you have the power to choose for yourself. You are always afforded a series of choices or defaults, and they are yours for the making, or avoiding.

Choice discovery brings awareness that you already know what you want, and you can choose it.

Choice discovery facilitates freedom and consciousness in both everyday and larger life situations and decisions.

Choice discovery represents the opportunity to shift perspective, remove expectations, and place yourself back into your own hands.

Choice discovery is the process of uncovering your power to choose for yourself.

And it’s time to uncover that power. It’s time for this Movement. It’s time that we all start asking ourselves more questions, making more conscious choices. Understanding ourselves better than ever before. Shifting. Creating. Leading.

I’m here to do it, I’m here for the process. And I hope you’ll come with me.


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