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      Who I Work With

      But is this for me?

      If you’re here, and you identify as a womxn, it likely is. Listen, I work with a lot of women, and a lot of women all across the board – from age 25 to 55, working, stay-at-home mom, single, coupled, totally independent, part of a close-knit family, gay, straight, fit, not-fit, well-off, on a budget. My clients don’t always fit into a box, and frankly – that’s what this is all about.

      There’s not always a common goal, but there is always a common thread. Every woman I work with is thinking to herself something along the lines of:

      “What if I’m not living up to my potential?”

      “What’s keeping me so stuck?”

      “I just want to know what to do!”

      “Isn’t there another way?”

      “I just want to find some clarity and direction.”

      “Why can’t I do this on my own?”

      Let me give you a few examples:

      The career-focused woman. She loves her work. Period. It’s not that work is life, but it is, indeed, a huge part of her identity. Her professional impact and legacy are important to her, and that’s exactly why she’s seeking a coach. She knows the meaning and benefit of support to level up.

      The career questioner or transitioner. She’s focused on her career, it’s important to her, but it’s also not quite right – yet. She’s feeling the tug to do something different, something more, or maybe, she’s ready to transition to an entirely different professional situation. She’s got lots of questions, and she’s finally ready to answer them.

      The mom prioritizing and exploring self. She’s a mom – and a damn great one at that, but that’s not all she is. Her identity is no longer completely wrapped up in her kids and family, and she’s finally ready to make time for herself, to explore who she is right now and what other parts of her life need attention for fulfillment.

      The high-performer with a lag. She’s happy, no doubt. Life is good. It’s just that there’s something she can’t put her finger on that would make it even better. She thought it was one thing, but turns out – it’s not. She’s probably in her head a lot. She’s read the books, she’s taken the courses, she’s following all the right people, but she’s still not finding the solution. She’s ready to admit she needs help, and is ready to go deeper.

      Ultimately, all of my clients are ready to dial up their audacity.

      They’re in the middle third of their lives, and they have all the things they’ve always thought they were supposed to have – the career, the kids, the car – but now, they’re ready to get the things they want – the ones they can’t. stop. thinking about.

      So is this for you? Yep. If you want to talk about it some more, I’m all in. Let’s find a time to chat and answer all your burning questions.

      Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch that and just talk about what you need.

      Book your (completely free) call to see how this feels in your guts.

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