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      unleash your more | kourtney thomas life coach

      Unleash your More.

      Some days, I look at the world, I look at my icons and idols and role models and I think to myself:

      That will never be me.

      There is no way I’ll ever be able to achieve that level of success, happiness, or fulfillment.

      Sometimes, it feels like the kind of confidence and clarity and drive it takes to live the life I envision for myself is impossible. Or, y’know, simple and easy for everyone else, and that’s pretty annoying.

      The truth of the matter, though, is that’s not a fact.

      It is 100% possible to bring our visions into our realities, all on our terms.

      I mean, there’s no simple, step-by-step formula or answer to that. It takes some good old-fashioned hard work. But there are real-life ways to break it down when it all seems to big and overwhelming, like you want to give up. There’s a path to approaching your struggles, to finding your purpose and your drive – your way.

      I know you’re ready to unleash your most confident self. It’s why you’re here.

      Let’s get to it.

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