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      Uncomplicated Healthy Living

      Real results for really busy professional people

      As a busy professional (see also: exhausted and overwhelmed), it can often feel like a Herculean feat to focus on your career and building success – while still finding time for family, fun, and fitness. It’s not surprising that, often, at least one of those things ends up taking a back seat. (I’ll let you guess which one.)

      And it’s also not surprising that, often, neglecting health leads to neglected focus, productivity, satisfaction, and results. Wouldn’t it be great if your employees (and you!) not only felt better, but also freed up extra capacity to focus on work?

      The good news is, nobody needs to be a mythical legend to fit in fitness and health and still be a business badass.

      Enter: Uncomplicated healthy living. Your new approach to sustainable employee wellness.

      In this program, we’ll do things a little differently and a whole lot more effectively:

      • We’ll walk through the challenges and pressures of taking care of ourselves and our bodies personally and professionally.
      • We’ll talk through ways to address those challenges that don’t feel overwhelming and awful.
      • And your employees walk away with practical ideas and strategies to implement to integrate healthy living into a hurried life.

      It’s a process, but we’ll go through it together, every step of the way. The program is built to ensure the best possible experience and outcomes for everyone, and the signature flow maps out what that can look like. But at the heart of things, every company and group is unique, and it’s always about building a partnership that will meet your needs.

      As an integral part of the program, participants will have assignments, there will be discussions, and I’ll hold them to their participation and follow-through in each of those things. But through it all, we’ll be co-pilots, making decisions together. So, if we determine a need more time in one part or another, that’s where we’ll spend it. If we need to break from the framework and place our attention in a specific corner, we will. If some topics bleed and blend with each other, we’ll blend with them. If we need more frequent in-person or virtual support, we’ll make it happen.

      But, in the interest of transparency, below is an overview of the Uncomplicated Healthy Living program for employees and professionals.


      1: Behind the challenge: what’s not working & introducing an approach that works.

      For everyone who’s ever felt or experienced some version of, “I want to work out, but I just can’t seem to do it.” – we’re going to get to the bottom of what’s really at the heart of that challenge. We’ll look at it from a few angles, both evidence-based, and real-life.

      2: Why your old goals didn’t cut it and how to reframe.

      Building on what we learned about the heart of our challenge to fit in healthy living and a new approach, we’ll go one step further into the “vicious cycle of failure” and why we struggle to stay focused on our goals. Next, we’ll explore ways to reframe that cycle in a way that leads to success and feeling good.

      3: A new way to look at prioritizing your health (while still living your life and building your career).

      We often struggle with prioritizing the things we say are important to us, and just as often, it leads to overwhelm, which eventually leads to giving up. This session will introduce a method for owning and managing priorities, and avoiding overwhelm.

      4: Finding your meaning and motivation.

      It’s easy to grab the goals we think we should have. It’s tough to make those happen. Instead, we’ll identify what’s meaningful for us, so we can craft individual goals and cultivate genuine, unending motivation to reach them.

      5: Building the foundation for success.

      What’s the lay of the land? We’ll get an idea of our life landscape so we can build our personal paths.

      6: Prioritize, plan, take action.

      Using everything we now know about our new approach, and ourselves, we’ll determine with complete clarity how to craft action plans that will actually work in our real lives.

      7: Your foolproof formula for success.

      Walking a new path is always a little scary. We’ll finish up the ingredients necessary to make it a whole lot easier and more comfortable, forever.


      • Once per month group session on an identified topic – 1.5 hours lunchtime or evening
        • We will work together using a combination of group conversation and brainstorming, smaller group/paired discussion and questioning, and on-your-own activities.
      • Weekly check-in emails from Kourtney to all participants with topic prompts and accountability
      • Weekly worksheets to explore topics in more depth via self-reflection
      • Weekly “office hours” with Kourtney for mini-coaching sessions on monthly topics – 20 minutes per participant via live chat or email
      • Optional additional one-on-one coaching sessions with Kourtney at a discounted rate


      Starting at $1,600/month for up to 10 employees.

      It’s a commitment, it’s an investment.

      Of time, energy, and resources. But far beyond the vague, long-term outcomes we can’t quite put a finger on – This program will go way beyond what you already know that hasn’t worked, and get you on the ground with a real-life, feel-good, effective plan that’ll get real-life, feel-good, effective accomplishments now.

      If you’re not sure this kind of program is for you or your company, 1) it is. But 2) here’s an idea of who can benefit:

      • Companies who care
      • Companies with culture
      • People- and community-centric companies
      • Non-profit organizations
      • Women’s initiatives
      • Coworking spaces and communities
      • Groups of entrepreneurs

      Do yourself, your employees, and your bottom line a favor – Uncomplicate Healthy Living for all your busy professionals.

      Let’s bring this to your conference room, today.

      Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch that and just talk about what you need.

      Book your (completely free) call to see how this feels in your guts.

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