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Crisis Averted: A 6-Step Freedom Formula for Overcoming Your Biggest Life Predicaments

People talk a lot about having a midlife crisis. Really, they joke. Aside from buying a red sports car or maybe having an affair, it’s hard to describe much about what such a crisis might look like. All we know is a lot of dudes seem to go through it, and it may or may not happen somewhere midlife – which, what does that even mean?

But what it feels like? That’s something we can describe to a T.

It’s this vague feeling of restlessness that we feel like we need to act on. It’s feeling out of whack. Maybe panicked, overwhelmed. It’s knowing things are not good, but not knowing how to make them good.

There is no age requirement to feel like this. I don’t consider myself to be midlife, and I’m pretty sure I’m going on crisis number four. And I assure you, this crisis knows no gender.

I know it feels like you shouldn’t feel this way. But aren’t you pretty tired of hearing how you should and shouldn’t feel?

So listen, I want to help.

I’ve created a 6-Step process to guide you through everything you need to overcome your biggest life predicaments. All the tools you need to work through your crisis feelings and come out the other side, feeling exactly how you want to feel. Knowing exactly what you want to do, and how.

Crisis averted.

Crisis Averted e-book | Kourtney Thomas

Big or small, major crisis to minor mess, this freedom formula will apply.

But, in case you’re wondering if this is for you, here’s a sampling of what the Crisis Averted guide will be useful in addressing:

  • Should I go back to school?
  • Should I put my resume out there?
  • Is this job really what I want to be doing?
  • Why do I feel so generally miserable?
  • I’m not sure if this routine is the right one for me.
  • Is it time to pick up and move across the country?
  • #RelationshipIssues
  • Is it time to put myself first?
  • I’m so stuck, I’m not sure I can even name the problem.
  • What’s my purpose in life? (OK, maybe you’re not going to be able to figure this out with a workbook, but you’ll probably find some level of clarity.)

Ready to find your answers?

Get the guide.


Who is this for?

Honestly? It’s for anyone. Woman or man or GNC, young or not so young, any stage or season of life, anywhere. If you are looking for help and direction as you work through a crisis or predicament, this guide is chock full of the questions that will lead you to discovering your answers. From dealing with a major life event, like ending a relationship or changing jobs or a cross-country move, to sorting through a general feeling of yuck, stuck, or why am I feeling this way? – Crisis Averted is relevant and effective.

How much time do I need?

As much time as it takes. Each situation is unique, and each person is going to work through their stuff in the time that’s appropriate for them. It’s possible that you’ll be able to work through the entire 27-page guidebook in a matter of days or weeks, if you’re ready. It’s possible it’ll take you much longer. The freedom formula is structured for you to be able to do this entirely on your own time. You’re in the driver’s seat.

What is the format?

Crisis Averted is a 27-page PDF e-book download. It is not digitally editable, so you will have to physically print the pages, or record your responses in a journal or separate document.

How is the workbook delivered?

You’ll purchase the guide through Gumroad, a third-party store for creatives. Once you complete your purchase, the e-book will be delivered via email.

Is it personalized?

Yes and no. The questions included in this guide are deeply personal, and are suitable for addressing many, varied life situations for all kinds of people. But, is it customized to your specific situation? No. That would be where personal coaching comes in, and it’s a great complement to the guide, should you desire more personalized attention.

What if I have other questions?

I’m happy to answer them anytime! Just head over to the contact page, or email me directly at

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