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      fitness and care accountability | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      Fitness & Care Accountability

      I don’t always love the concept of accountability.

      Maybe that seems weird for a fitness professional and business owner who’s on the hook for a lot of responsibilities on the regular. But here’s the thing – sometimes the conventional approach to accountability does nothing but inspire obligation. Having to be answerable to someone or something. Explaining ourselves when we fail at that.

      Honestly, much of the time, forcing too much accountability ends up having the opposite of the intended effect.

      So what if we looked at it a little differently?

      What if accountability was more of a commitment to ourselves? A charge to care for what we need, as much as possible?

      Less obedience, more empowerment.

      In nearly a decade of working with women to accomplish their goals and work toward their dreams, it’s become infinitely clear that the driver for accountability has to come from within. That part always comes first.

      And that’s why I created a Fitness & Care Accountability Calendar for you that’s juuuuust a little bit different than what you may have seen before.

      Yes, it will help you keep loose track of the things you want to keep track of. But not to your detriment. It’ll force you to keep what’s important to you front and center, every day of the month, every month of the year.

      This is the tracker that’ll provide your inspiration and motivation. And never through obligation.

      Download today, and soon, it’ll lead to a celebration.


      fitness and selfcare tracker | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

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