choice discovery out loud

Choice Discovery Out Loud

Fun fact about me:

I spent most of my middle school and high school years on stage in myriad ways and won awards in public speaking, acting, and music.

That early confidence, flair for performance, and stage presence has stayed with me into adulthood, and now translates into every speaking engagement I do. Combined with my innate ability to connect with anyone in a room, Choice Discovery Out Loud is one of the best ways to engage with the Choice Discovery Movement.

Choice Discovery Out Loud is a sharing of ideas.

It’s a powerful introduction, and a catalyst for further conversation. It’s not going to be another boring speech, it’s going to be an entirely new energy.

There is a signature speech available and it’s outlined below, but customized talks can be crafted based on exactly what you or your organization need. As always, that’s the beauty of this movement – you get to choose.

So, will you choose discovery for your next gathering?

Let’s talk about a talk.

Discovering Choice: What it looks like to choose your life for yourself

It’s uncomfortable to discover that you’re living a life that doesn’t feel your own. It’s even more uncomfortable to understand that it’s a life you’ve chosen. Though it might not set well right now to feel like you’re just getting through the days, it can be different. You can choose your life, choose yourself, and you can do it in realistic and practical ways.

Key Takeaways:
  • The impact of social conditioning on our life choices
  • The Choice Discovery framework
  • How to apply Choice Discovery to your life and choices

I love telling stories.

LOVE it. So I do it every week, sometimes twice. Real-life adventures and lessons in Choice Discovery are all here, direct to your inbox.