choice discovery immersion

Choice Discovery Immersion

I believe the root of change is choice.

And neglecting that root is how we get stuck in status quo mode. That’s how we get burned out. That’s how we find ourselves just making it through the days. That’s how we end up with regret.

The only way forward is Choice Discovery.

Because, over time, we forget that we have choices. We become increasingly unaware of our power to choose, and the choices available to us. Then, one day, we finally arrive at this place we’re not entirely sure we want to be, paralyzed by the thought of anything different, torn by the very ideas of choice, change, growth.

We have to rediscover choice, and this is where the Immersion comes in.

The Choice Discovery Immersion is a virtual process of uncovering and owning your power to choose for yourself. It’s the thing that will take all your old perceptions of fear and change and shoulds right out of the equation, replace them with freedom and independence and curiosity, and allow you to become the most confident, genuine, and dynamic you you’ve ever dreamed of being.

The Choice Discovery Immersion will:

  • Get to the heart of your personal needs – exposing what’s really holding you back
  • Challenge your current perceptions and perspective
  • Allow you the space and time to set new definitions for your success and expectations
  • Provide you with tools and framework to take action on the priorities that matter most to you
  • Facilitate all the direction and clarity you are looking for
  • Inspire awareness and confidence in all your choices

This will get intense, but I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to facilitate your process, to ask questions, and to encourage you in your Choice Discovery journey. In fact, that can take shape in a lot of different ways – from just one or two calls, to a six-month partnership. But no matter what, we’re going to focus on all the parts of your life that matter most to you. And we’re going to do it in a way that keeps you in the lead. And in the end? You’re going to see yourself in a whole new light.

Let’s dive in.

People say:

“The biggest thing that I got out of our work was a real sense of clarity – I realized that I knew what I wanted out of life, but equally what I didn’t want. And I realized that I had much more confidence in myself and my abilities than I actually knew. As a result of this work, I’m definitely approaching life differently, I’m much more certain of what I want, and more focused in my approach.” – JD

“I gained confidence in my abilities, and in my own decision making. You set me on a path of being in tune with who I am. You provided a safe place for me to reveal my true self.” – JH

“As a result of our work together, I’m more mindful of my choices. I put myself and my needs first. I engage more in self-care. I’ve cut toxic people out of my life, and I’m focused on not only my friends who are ‘on my team,’ but I’m also focused on rebuilding my network. I had gotten away from that. Honestly, I had gotten away from the things that bring me joy. I’m reclaiming those.” – DJ

“I thoroughly enjoyed working together. I was challenged. I had fun. I was asked the right questions that helped to clarify all of the confusion and chaos in my mind. I gained new perspectives and was given the opportunity to let go of the societal and familial rules that governed my actions and the way I thought. Most of all, I remember that our work together made things feel manageable. Doable. Not-so-overwhelming. The work made me realize that I didn’t have to have my whole life planned out, in detail, to be able to enjoy it or have forward momentum or try new things.” LW

I love telling stories.

LOVE it. So I do it every week, sometimes twice. Real-life adventures and lessons in Choice Discovery are all here, direct to your inbox.