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      choice discovery experience

      Choice Discovery Experience

      There is something electric about the right group of women in the right place at the right time.

      Something in the ground and in the air that breaks down barriers and builds up connections. Something that always finds every woman leaving on her own personal high. Fortunately, I seem to have a knack for creating this space, and whenever I send out the invitation, a group of individual, incredible, electric women comes together to create collective incredible electricity together.

      So, here’s your invitation.

      The Choice Discovery Experience is, at its core, a weekend spent in a completely safe and open space, with total freedom to show up as your full, true self. It’s equal parts mastermind group, slumber party, active adventure, quiet time, and deep, challenging conversation zone.

      This is the place where you might show up feeling a little nervous, because who isn’t nervous in a small group of women they may or may not know? But it’s also the place where you’ll quickly realize every other woman who walks in the door is going to be an instant friend.

      It’s the place where you can come hoping to sort out some stuff. You’ll come with questions, thoughts, and a deep desire for something to change. And then, you’ll find that this is the place where you will end up answering all your own questions, with the full support and encouragement of me and everyone else.

      You might show up with ideas you want to work though. We’ll do that together. There will be some one-on-one time with me, and there will be group ideation time.

      You may just want a weekend escape in a cool environment, and this covers that too. Let’s be real, the fresh mountain air cannot help but soothe all ills. The escape part is covered in this beautiful, luxury space.

      If you’re in it for relaxation, you have that option. If you want to explore, we’ll do that too. I’m one of those people who loves social time as well as movement, but also needs to be alone or vegging on the couch, so you can count on me to create a balance in our schedule and environment.

      The Choice Discovery Experience will:

      • Get to the heart of your personal needs – exposing what’s really holding you back
      • Allow you the space and time to connect with yourself, an intimate group of like-minded women, and reflect
      • Provide you with tools and framework to take action on the priorities that matter most to you
      • Feed your need to explore and ground with nature
      • Give you a chance to relax and recharge in the ways that work best for you
      • Inspire awareness and confidence in all your choices

      Remember, the whole thing is about choice, so in the end, you get to choose how you shape your Experience. You can opt in or out of most of the stuff on the agenda. But, I will say, it’s curated in such a way that you’re not going to want to miss a single thing.

      So, what does that look like? Here’s a rough idea:

      Thursday evening: Arrival, introductions and conversation, home-cooked meal
      Friday morning: Breakfast, conversation, inspiration session
      Friday afternoon: Lunch, two ideation sessions, group adventure, movement/rest time
      Friday evening: Dinner, conversation and relaxation
      Saturday morning: Breakfast, conversation, two ideation sessions
      Saturday afternoon: Lunch, two ideation sessions, group adventure, movement/rest time
      Saturday evening: Group dinner
      Sunday morning: Breakfast, conversation, wrap-up
      Sunday afternoon: Departure

      See? Freedom and structure. We make the rules.

      Every minute of this Experience is going to be significant for you. The relationships you’re going to build are going to be meaningful. The discoveries you’re going to make about yourself are going to be so valuable. And you are no doubt going to go home completely exhilarated and feeling like you got exactly what you needed in every way possible.

      This is your invitation.

      Coming in 2019. 

      Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch that and just talk about what you need.

      Book your (completely free) call to see how this feels in your guts.

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