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      The “something is better than nothing” lifestyle.

      something is better than nothing | kourtney thomas fitness & coaching

      So, um, I promised I’d be writing more when I sent my last email and shared most recent book recommendations.

      So, um, here I am. Writing.

      And how it’s going is like this:

      Thought about writing about my recent beach vacation and current beach body.

      Thought about writing about the incredible communication my boyfriend and I have.

      Thought about writing about my job and current search for another one that’s a better fit.

      Thought about writing about my most recent client and her wonderful success after our six-month partnership.

      And I’m ending up thinking I’m going to write about how I’m…still thinking about what to write about, but I made a commitment to write at all, so I’m going to do it no matter what because something is always better than nothing.

      Which, of course, is relevant to every topic I mentioned so far. So maybe I’ve arrived at the right thing to write about after all.

      My life has changed and evolved a lot over the past couple of years. In all the best ways, believe me. But also in ways that I knew were real for many of my clients and friends, but never deeply understood at this level. The kinds of ways that truly make “something is better than nothing” a way of life.

      Like, oh, you want to stay in shape with a full-time job, limited time and resources, and while getting to know a new person? That’s cute!

      Oh, you want to build a strong foundation and partnership with this person that’s not toxic or totally based on your previous relational traumas? That’ll be easy right away!

      You also want to make a somewhat decent living while not being micromanaged or hustled for twelve hours a day and make some kind of difference doing something at least moderately enjoyable with a tolerable work environment, career development path, and benefits that don’t make you scared to walk outside? Good luuuck!

      While you’re doing all that, you still want to support others in their journey to feeling better and integrating realistic and sustainable goals and practices into their lives? OK OK, coolcoolcoolcoolcool, we can do that too!

      I think I just had a whole-body flush reading all that back to myself. It’s a freaking lot. It’s no wonder finding an extra hour or two to get quiet, focus, and write feels like such a challenge.

      But. Here we are, currently 400 words in and doing just fine. I mean, not The Great American Novel over here, but accomplishing what I set out to do.

      Point being – literally everything I have been talking about, teaching, writing about, coaching, for more than a decade now – it’s meaningful, it’s real, it works, and I’m learning that now, deeply. We all have full lives. We all make choices. We are all incredibly capable and resilient and smart and strong and gorgeous and impactful humans. When we do something, it’s not nothing.

      We are all at our best, all of the time.

      And best is all in how we define it.

      It’s not in what we see on Instagram, in edited and posed images and false advertising.

      It’s not in what we think we see in someone else’s relationship.

      It’s not what we see when we’re scrolling LinkedIn and everybody’s perceived success.

      It’s not what we see in seemingly huge transformations, that actually do more harm than good.

      Our best is, and always will be, in defining what matters most to us, creating a life around that, and living true to it. Cutting the noise of the rest. Knowing exactly how to come home to ourselves.

      I didn’t say that was easy to do every day. I also didn’t say I feel like I’m accomplished and amazing every day. All I said is that I now see I’m doing my best, and I really, really love my best. Because I decide what it is.

      I don’t say something is better than nothing lightly or to pander to anyone who’s out there struggling to manage all these challenges of life and love and work and everything else. I say it because it just makes sense. Turns out, the “something is better than nothing” lifestyle is actually the freaking best. I’ve literally never been happier than I am since recognizing and internalizing this.

      Listen, we’re already coming up to this time of year where the world is making us feel bad about goals and how we’re not reaching them after two seconds because our versions of life have turned into life. As this is happening, I invite you to pause and take a breath for another two seconds and consider what your best is. Key word: your. Not an outside, societal standard, but something you decide.

      Key word #2: something. Because any something you decide is best for you – that matters. It’s better than nothing, and it is, in fact, best.

      And you don’t have to feel like your best is never enough. Because it is so, so much. It’s more than enough.

      And so are you.

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