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      How to find small pieces of peace.

      small piece of peace | kourtney thomas self-discovery life coach

      I’ve talked about self-care before, and I’ve talked about my frustration with how it’s presented in the world today. “The commoditization of self-care” isn’t a new or original concept, but that doesn’t make it irrelevant. I cannot stress enough the importance of taking good, good care of your Self. But I do still find it difficult to find ways to communicate that this does not mean a workout, a meditation, or a yoga session.

      I mean, of course, self-care and mindfulness can involve a workout, a meditation, or a yoga session. Those are absolutely three activities that invite physical and mental care, as well as presence. But they’re also not the only things available to us. In fact, sometimes they’re distinctly unavailable to us–especially as facilitators of self-care and mindfulness.

      So what else can you do to get some peace?

      Well, . And so do 23 other experts. And—bonus!—these ideas for practicing mindfulness are specifically geared toward small-space living. Meaning, you don’t need a lot of time, space, money, or energy to make these things happen.

      You can always get small pieces of peace.

      , and maybe try one of these things today. Or tomorrow. Perhaps some of these things seem simple, or not a fit for you, but you know what? That’s OK, and that’s the whole point. Caring for your Self is individual, it’s unique. And practicing mindfulness starts in a different place for everyone. But what’s the same for all of us is the value of that care and practice.

      When we understand the significance of caring for the Self authentically and deeply, and seeing the beauty and reality of each day, each moment as if nothing else were to come after, that’s when we can feel better, more at peace, more alive. And that’s when we can crack our worlds wide open.

      Here’s to your small pieces of peace.

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