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      I have an apology to make.

      apology | kourtney thomas self-discovery life coach

      I have an apology to make.

      To you. To basically every client I’ve ever worked with, every person who’s ever read an email or post of mine…to all the people I’ve ever said something along the lines of, “If you want to do this work, you’ll find the time.”



      Good God, I’m sorry. I mean it.

      In the last six weeks, I have found exactly zero time to do anything other than work, sometimes get in a 30-minute workout, scarf dinner while watching TV for a little bit, read for another 30 minutes before bed, and pass out.

      Basically, bare minimum of what I need to do to be able to operate like a human.

      My own emails? Yeah, that response time is about a week, if I’m lucky.

      Getting outside? Yeah, maybe once a little bit on the weekend.

      Meal prep? Yeah, does breakfast for dinner every night count?

      And y’all – I don’t even have children!

      There is much work I’d love to be doing right now, but until I’m able to find my way from frazzled to fresh, it ain’t happenin’.

      Point being: I never understood. And I’m sorry for acting like I did.

      I do believe it’s possible to do what I’ve always suggested – to find the ways to streamline, to prioritize in real and meaningful ways, to be firm in your boundaries to facilitate your needs and desires. I stand by my directness about it and my framework to accomplish it, and you’ll see more from me about this soon.

      But I also now believe that is in no way always possible, or easy. I know it takes focus and compassion and yes, time – all things we tend to keep in short supply these days.

      So, I’m sorry. I understand now.

      And I’m right here with you, just hanging on and figuring it out. Our time to do more will come, but for now, everything else is enough.

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