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      small business saturday sale | kourtney thomas self-discovery life coach denver

      Hello, and Happy Small Business Saturday!

      I know you’re getting approximately 732 emails (per day?) with discounts galore this week, but I’m nevertheless throwing out the reminder for my own small business too. I’ll make it quick:

      Now through Wednesday, December 1, take 50% off all courses in with checkout code INTENTIONAL.

      That includes , which has people saying things like:

      “I can tell already that I am handling things differently than I was. The books and questions have helped me see my life in different ways, more freeing ways. I am able to get past some of the mental knots I was tying for myself regarding what I eat and how I move and how I assess my body. I know that what I am learning will stay with me because the freedom I feel from changing the way I look at some common issues in my life is so life changing. I won’t want to put myself back in bondage over those things. I am feeling so good about how far I have come. I think I had a ton of loose ends and this work is tying those together, making connections where I wasn’t able to on my own.”

      It also includes , which has people saying things like:

      “Through this course, I learned that it’s OK to focus on me and my needs/wants. It will take some time to fully embrace and figure out what those things are…but I needed to recalibrate that part of my life, and this helped me to start.”

      If you’re ready to level up by looking in, now’s your chance to do it for an unbelievable but unquestionable value.

      If this isn’t the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday deal for you, make sure you do get intentional about what you choose. Here’s . And please, feel free to share with your friends by sharing this post!

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