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      What is balance, really?

      Kourtney Thomas You-Volution Summit | Kourtney Thomas self-discovery life coach denver

      I recently listened to a reading for my rising sign – get this, it’s not Aries, but Pisces – and the main message for me was balance.

      There was an entire section, and invitation, really, on finding sustainable balance. It culminated with a version of my main mantra – that there isn’t any one answer all the time, that it’s about experimenting and paying attention and figuring out what works for you.

      A dash of this, a little more of that, a lot less of this whole situation over here.

      What I appreciated most about this message was that it wasn’t the trite version of what we always hear about balance in the mainstream. I mean, as we all know, that’s not possible, nor is it a great goal to strive for since we’ll never reach it. In the context of what our lives look like right now, balance is, ultimately, about getting to know and trust ourselves and our needs better.

      It was a good reminder, one I absolutely appreciate right about now. And I’m probably not the only one. Good timing, then, that a week from today, I’m speaking at a summit where one of the core themes is balance.

      The other four themes are confidence, clarity, purpose, and connection, so obviously, it’s going to be quite the wonderful day.

      Enter: The . (Great name, right? You, evolving, always.)

      The You-Volution Summit, hosted by Glow Up, Gyrl, is a one-day summit for the woman professional or entrepreneur who is continuing to evolve into the best version of herself.

      YOU-volution aims to inspire and empower women across the landscape of their professional careers and personal lives.

      This year’s first annual all-virtual summit provides a day of education, inspiration, workshops and networking around the globe.

      The summit is happening October 28, from 10am-6pm EDT. But, if you can’t make all the sessions, you will have post-event access with your . And listen, it’s only $35! A very minimal investment for such a robust day. Plus, you get digital goodie bags, a summit workbook, and other discounts from the speakers (including me).

      Kourtney Thomas You-Volution Summit | Kourtney Thomas self-discovery life coach denverAlso, I’ll be talking about resilience, and this is the very same talk I gave at the AspireHer conference earlier this year that was so well-received. If you missed that one and want to learn four surprising skills to set you up for strength in any situation, now’s your chance – and for a much smaller investment too. Get all the info and reserve your spot at You-Volution .

      Even if you can’t make the summit, I hope you’ll think about the five themes – especially balance. Perhaps reflect on balance in a different way today. How can you incrementally move along a spectrum toward what feels good and true for you right now? What actions can you take or set aside? Nothing has to be so extreme as we’re all taught that it does.

      True balance lives in the gentle drift of that pendulum swing.

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