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      One way to make more impact (and money).

      make more impact and money | kourtney thomas self-discovery strategy life coach speaker

      I was recently texting with a friend about some business and marketing stuff. She’s thoughtful as hell, and in her kind and supportive way, she was pushing me on some stuff. Hard.

      As you might expect about me, I have equal amounts of aggravation and appreciation for this.

      Mostly appreciation though, because it’s generally the only way to make a breakthrough of any meaningful sort. (Hence why I also take this approach with , and why we’re friends in the first place.)

      Anyway, the topic at hand was confidence and why we might want or need more of it, and in our discussion, I ended up flipping a question on her too:

      Why do you need to be more confident?

      I loved her response so much I wanted to share it with you, because it’s such a beautiful thread to pull, and I bet you might be able to identify with at least part of it…

      “I want to be more confident so I can put myself out there more. So that I don’t sit back when I’m afraid to record a podcast or to go live on IG. I want to put myself out there more because I believe I’m here to create an impact. I also want to put myself out there more because that is how I’ll make more money and build a company.”

      I mean. POW. Right?

      What a beautifully perfect and highly specific description of not only why confidence is important to this person, but also what it means for her, and exactly how it will help her achieve the life and purpose she wants and believes in – including the financial wealth she knows she deserves.

      When I think of why I, personally, want to be more confident, I always come back to it being the key to living the life I want for myself and fulfilling my purpose, not just going through the motions of the life someone else prescribes for me.

      Confidence means alignment, ease, and not having to question and overthink every single choice you make or action you take.

      But sometimes that’s too broad. It feels like too much of a big, wet blanket over the responsibilities of daily life. Which is exactly why I love my friend’s response. It boils it down to one explicit, practical, powerful, straight-line application:

      If you can be more confident, you can make more money and create more impact.

      Ultimately, cultivating confidence isn’t just a woo thing. It’s an effective strategy.

      So often, especially when it comes to our work and professional lives, we say we could use more confidence, we feel like we want it or need it. But instead of taking action to get it in ways that will actually match up with our whys and produce the results we’re after, we instead default into one more tactical training, one more book, one more free webinar to try to increase the amount of “tangible” skills we can put on our resumes to make us feel more confident.

      Does it work?

      You tell me. But if there’s a question lingering there along with your desire for confidence at work – and anywhere in your life, maybe it’s time for a new strategy.

      Check this out, OK?

      If you want more confidence at work, more wealth, and more impact – .

      Here’s to your career confidence!

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      make more impact and money | kourtney thomas self-discovery life coach

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