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      Just do a little bit.

      Last week, I went to an in-person networking event. First one in a while. And it was a big one. Actually, the big kind of networking events I don’t even typically go to because they’re too big.

      Also, it was outside and about 100 degrees.

      But, off I went, dressed smartly in my totally cute and super functional, sweat-wicking jumpsuit.

      When I got there, as expected, it immediately felt too big. A huge crowd of people, already divided into smaller groups – my absolute least favorite situation, because God, is there anything more awkward than quietly sidling up to an established group of people in conversation?

      The answer to that is an emphatic NO.

      Lucky for me, right after I got my nametag, I saw a woman I had connected with via Zoom earlier in the year. She was happy to meet in person, came in for a hug, and that was already a relief. I chatted with her and her tablemates for a bit, and then excused myself to move on.

      Lo and behold, another person came up to me! She was excited to see me after connecting at an event a few weeks prior, and eagerly asked to exchange business cards and make a plan to get together and talk about how she can support me and my business. This is a person with a lot of influence and access locally, so even as she quickly excused herself to chat with someone else, I felt like that was a monumental win.

      And then! Yet another person approached me, excited to meet in person, and sharing all the wonderful compliments about my and inspirational, positive posts. We made a plan to connect for coffee in the next couple of weeks.

      Then started the wandering. Ugh. Worst. I stopped at a sponsor table and had a pretty awkward conversation there. I did a few laps around the courtyard. And finally, with about half an hour left in the event, I decided to quietly slink out early.

      Not before the first woman I saw snagged me again, though. She wanted to introduce me to a few more people and talk lifting and running. Which, OK, I’m in. But what I was even more in for was her casual, “hey, were you on your way out?” just a few minutes later. I told her yeah, and she offered to walk out with me.


      As soon as I stepped away from her and toward my car, my buzzy anxiety ratcheted down a few notches. Aaaaaand about a minute later, it spiked up again as I thought to myself how stupid and silly I was being leaving early, and how I should’ve pushed myself to stay to the end. And then, right back down again as I reflected on the outcome of the little bit of time I did spend.

      In just about one hour, I connected and reconnected with exactly the people I was hoping to, in really meaningful ways. If there was a goal, I achieved it. All it takes is a little bit.

      As I drove home, I shook my head at myself (a little bit).

      Honestly, in pretty much any and every situation, you can do so much by just doing a little bit. I mean…

      Workouts – Show up and move for five minutes a day, and you’ll see improvements in your health and well-being.

      Friendships – Send off a quick text every so often to let someone know you’re thinking about them, and you’ll put a smile on a friend’s face and keep your friendship supported.

      Self-care – Do something to care for yourself once a week, and see how much better you feel.

      Finances – Put $10 a week into savings, have an extra $500 at the end of a year.

      Partnerships – Ask a question. Listen empathetically. Give an unexpected kiss or touch. You’ll build a lifetime foundation.

      Business/career – Write one email, make one connection, say yes to one event, and you’ll plant seeds for the future of your career.

      – Get intentionally curious about yourself or your struggles, learn something new (or old) about yourself, do one tiny thing that makes you feel like you, and feel a sense of ease, excitement, and confidence wash over you.

      It just…doesn’t always have to be such a big production, y’know?

      Just do a little bit.

      We’re under the impression that we have to constantly be doing more, going the extra mile, biting off really big chunks, making huge investments, pushing ourselves way beyond our limits, in order to make progress, see change, reach goals, live a meaningful life. And while we’re under that impression, we forget that you don’t accomplish any of that in big jumps.

      It all happens with smallest, next, best steps.

      What we so often fail to see is that it’s not actually all that scary to go ahead and take a small step. And it’s actually not taking the big steps – or any steps at all – that becomes petrifying.

      It’s easy to put up roadblocks, make excuses, stand in our own way for the big things. It’s too much money, I don’t have the time, I’m already overwhelmed, I don’t need this. And while we still do it for the little things, though usually with a different spin that it won’t be worth it to do something little, it gets harder and harder to do the more directly you look at it.

      Eventually, choosing not to do even a little bit just means avoidance or apathy.

      Being totally transparent, I’ve struggled with this too. I’ve certainly made the mistake, for myself and for you, of assuming the big stuff is best. Sometimes it is, but more often than not, the minimum effective dose gets you started, or even gets the job done. Trust, I’m still totally in for the big stuff, but I’m no longer going to discount the little bits.

      Here’s one way I’m doing a little bit, and offering you a way to do the same:

      opens for enrollment on August 24, three weeks from today. The actual group will start on August 30 and end September 24.

      foundations of self-discovery kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      Before you close this tab because you’re already sure it’s not for you, hold on!

      I know I’ve offered group coaching before, but this is different. Usually, my group coaching programs are a much heftier investment of time, energy, self, and yes, money. , however, is only four weeks long, one single month. And since it’s a foundational course, you’ll be committing to energy investment and solid self-discovery, but this won’t ask nearly as much of you as a more in-depth program. Also, at a heck of a price – $147.

      A price, by the way, which includes not only the course materials through a really user-friendly delivery framework, but also group coaching calls once a week, and access to community discussions with the group and myself through a private Slack channel throughout the month. Nothing at all is required, but everything is available, forever.

      You can totally just do a little bit.

      It’s an awesome start to your self-discovery journey, and that start may be just enough of a little bit for now. A boost to your back-to-school time. Or, perhaps, a catalyst for a later on.

      Either way, here’s what you’ll learn:

      🖤 The core of your identity, and why it’s so important for leading a meaningful life

      🖤 A detailed definition of your values, and how they contribute to your alignment, empowerment, and confidence

      🖤 The 4 most effective – and immediately implementable – skills to practice to cultivate more self-trust and self-confidence anywhere in life, while always staying true to your True Self

      No matter what you’re looking for or working on right now (or *ahem* avoiding working on), I promise, this is a way to do just a little bit that’s chock freaking full of smallest, next, best steps you can actually use.

      Spots in the group will be limited, so if you want in, if you’re a planner, if you’re as excited as I am to have an option to just do a little bit that makes a big difference, .

      No matter what, I invite and encourage you today to reframe the idea of just doing a little bit as an opportunity for massive power and maximum effect. In one area of your life where you’re struggling, or where you have dreams, just do a little bit.

      Watch what happens.

      If you have questions about Foundations of Self-Discovery, email me or schedule a free chat with me below. If you know someone who’d be into this, forward or share this post with them! And if you’re into just a little bit of extra self-discovery in your week, sign up for emails here.

      just do a little bit | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

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