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      Soul-led confessions.

      soul led educators conference | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      Do you ever have those days when you cannot seem to nail down a single thought inside your head? Come on, I know I can’t be alone here…

      Confession #1: I’m having one of those days.

      Frankly, it feels like it’s been that way for the whole month. So far in the first two weeks of July, this has happened:

      We bought a new camper and took it all the way to Santa Fe for a long weekend.

      I bought my Outback out of its lease, and officially now fit 98% of all . Not mad about it.

      I attended the NSCA National Conference in Orlando where I 1) did not win a Board of Directors election seat, 2) proceeded to bang my head against the wall about a bunch of important issues facing industry professionals that continue to go unaddressed, 3) recorded a video session for this fall’s , and 4) didn’t even get to go to any of the parks, and that just stinks. But at least I did get to catch up with a few really wonderful friends, and eat an exquisite meal at .

      I came home and immediately dove into recording another virtual session for an online summit.

      And I’m heading out this weekend on a solo trip to memorialize my sweet Brewer and spread his ashes among the wildflowers.

      So, basically, the confession is that I am feeling way too fucking scattered to sit down and share with you some deeply thoughtful and useful observation. Trust, due to all of the above and more, it’s all rolling around in the brain and waiting to come out soon. But it’s not cooked yet, so alas, you’re going to have to wait another couple weeks.

      I will however, share something shorter, sweeter, and simpler this week, rooted in Confession #2: I hate baths.

      God, seriously, I can think of nothing more repelling. I understand this is a lovely and luxurious thing for some folks, but I can’t get past how much water and time I’m wasting lying around in my own dirt and body oil. It just does not feel like self-care, for me.

      And that, the expression and application of actual care for self has definitely been on my mind over the past few months. Of course, I’ve been working on it for myself. But it’s also come up in several other groups I’ve spoken at recently. It seems we sometimes get stuck in a few standard options for self-care, most of which are highly commercialized and commoditized, usually not all that effective. And when these options don’t end up feeling like care for us, they turn into shoulds, and then self-care right to the bottom of our lists.

      The question becomes, how do we overcome all that and figure out what really feels like care for our individual needs, without it feeling overwhelming, or like another task to complete?

      With that, the virtual session I mentioned earlier was born. And you’re invited! The session is called How to take real care of yourself – beyond the bubble bath, and it’ll be part of the .

      Yes, as is evidenced in the name, the summit is geared toward educators. But I would say a few things about that before you determine it’s not for you. First, my session isn’t geared specifically toward educators. It’s for anyone who struggles to find and fit in self-care that feels good. Second, most of us are educators in some capacity or another, so the content is relevant for almost anyone. And third, the focus is really on self-development from many angles, which again, is applicable to pretty much everyone. I’m one of the 27 Experts speaking – including coaches, administrators, authors, nutritionists, wellness advocates, curriculum creators, educational consultants, and more.

      If you are an educator, or know someone who is, definitely and spread the word. The summit will take place from July 24th-July 31st online, and my session is on July 27th. It’s free, and all the recordings are available for 48 hours.

      Also, secret squirrel intel here – I’m giving a ton of really generous discounts on offerings to attendees. So, y’know, if anything, grab your free registration to learn more about self-care and then get goodies.

      , and get a whole bunch of knowledge and expertise on how to become a soul-led educator and live a happier and healthier life in and out of the classroom.

      But beyond that, it’s a great summit for you, if you want to:

      • Learn strategies to dive deep into Self Knowing.
      • Connect with your soul self.
      • Be your authentic self and find your authentic voice.
      • Incorporate habits to bring more peace into your life.
      • Bring mindfulness into your life and classroom.
      • Dive into self-care beyond baths and naps. (*ahem* recognize this one?)
      • Live from a space of intention.

      And with that, my scatterbrain is off to pack up a backpack full of hiking snacks and a baggie of cat ashes! Which, believe it or not, feels like exactly the best version of self-care I need right now 😊

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