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      How to feel a little more like yourself.

      how to feel more like you | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      Last week, I shared with you of my most recent epic hike. The one I did on my own, and the one that encouraged me to reflect on my own self-discovery journey. That, then, got me thinking about why you might care about self-discovery in your own life, beyond pretty wildflower pictures.

      wildflowers for you | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      Sorry, couldn’t resist. You’re welcome.

      Without having to dig through that epically long post again, here’s the deal:

      Knowing yourself allows you to be yourself. Your truest Self, not someone the world tells you to be. The You that feels most like You.

      Being yourself regularly, no censoring or should-ing, allows you to trust yourself more easily. To follow your intuition, listen to your gut, make more aligned decisions, live in better flow.

      Trusting yourself means confidence.

      Simple as that.

      Well, of course it’s not exactly that simple. The world has told us how to act, what to do, and who we should be for a very long time. So much so that sometimes, remembering, or finding, who we are today feels out of reach. And feeling confident in that person, who you really are, feels even farther off.

      But none of that is out of reach for you. It’s totally available.

      You can be more you, every day. And you can feel more confident too, no matter what. It can be a journey, for sure. But it can also start with really little, completely approachable things. Basically, self-discovery starts with a reconnection. Exploring what makes you feel like You with a Capital Y, and doing a bit more of that.

      As I am wont to do (my will laugh), I made you a worksheet to help make that a little easier.

      Maybe you play with it before you go to bed tonight. Or perhaps tomorrow, as part of your morning routine. Maybe you just save it on your phone as a place to keep some reminders of all the day-to-day things that make you You.

      And, of course, maybe you don’t use it at all because you hate worksheets. That’s cool too. If it’s the case, just start here:

      What’s something that makes you feel most like yourself? And do a little more of that thing this week.

      I guarantee you’ll see a boost in confidence, a decrease in stress, and a smile on your face in the mirror.

      The worksheet comes from the new course (and coaching group!) I’m creating for you, coming next month: Foundations of Self-Discovery. It’s only 4 modules, 4 weeks, and it’ll help you be a little more You, and a lot more confident. (discounts! limited spots! probably snail mail goodies!). As always, I’m always available for a free chat if you schedule below. And weekly notes and encouragement for your self-discovery journey can be found here

      feel a little more like yourself | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

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