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      You’re doing too much.

      you're doing too much | kourtney thomas fitness life coach denver

      I’m going to be frank: you’re doing too much.

      I don’t really know exactly what you’re doing. I kind of do. I can guess. And whatever it is, it’s too much.

      It’s always too much.

      The lists. The boxes. The calendars and color coding.

      The strategy. The meetings. The planning and analyzing.

      The running. The moving. The making and filling.

      The supporting. The posting. The worrying and fixing.

      It’s too much.

      It’s too much doing, not enough being. Too much anxiety, not enough stillness. Too much breaking, not enough bending.

      And even when it’s not too much doing, it’s too much thinking. Thinking about doing.

      You know what you need to do right now? Less. Not as much.

      I know, you’re thinking, easy to say, more difficult to do. So much is depending on me and my continuous doing. I have to be doing this much.

      I love you, deeply, I see you, I do. But you’re wrong.

      If you stopped doing too much today and kept doing less for the rest of your life, you and everyone you know would live a better, richer, more present life.

      You’re already a master of doing, so why not do this?

      Stop thinking about all the many things you have to do now in order to do less later. Start with less now.

      It’s not too much, I promise.

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      start with less now | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

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