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      Meet me in Salt Lake.

      aspireher conference speaker | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      I lived in St. Louis for a dozen years, and if you can believe it, never saw the movie Meet Me in St. Louis. I know a lot about the 1904 World’s Fair, but nothing about this apparently classic film that celebrates it. And yet, that catchy title will forever stick in my head.

      Honestly, it makes me laugh to myself, because I can’t tell you how many times I invited people to meet me in St. Louis, and they were like, yeah, nah, I’m good. Which, obviously, is understandable. I wouldn’t go out of my way to meet anyone there either.

      Which is why I’m pretty pumped not to have to ask you to meet me there anymore. Hey, you’re welcome to meet me here in Denver, but today I want to invite you to meet me in Salt Lake City!

      Curveball, right?!? A fun one though, I promise.

      I’ll be speaking at the , taking place June 11-12.

      It’s all about driven women seeking fulfillment and community, and the conference is jam-packed with opportunities and resources to do so.

      To say I’m excited to be a part of this conference as a speaker would be a huge understatement. Like, let me count the ways…

      1 – This will be the first in-person conference I’ve attended in more than two years. I used to be a regular at this stuff, typically twice a year, sometimes once a quarter. I miss attending conferences to an almost unbearable level, so I’m really, really pumped to be able to experience AspireHer as both a speaker and an attendee.

      2 – To that end, seriously, the are top-freaking-notch. I can’t wait to attend these myself.

      3 – This is a big celebration for me. My participation as a speaker was unexpected. It was a reach. I literally filled out a contact form on the website with my pitch, and it was strong and special enough to catch the eye of the CEO of AspireHer. Most of the speakers are people in her network, local to SLC or Utah, so having the confidence to make that ask and trust that it would work out is a pretty cool accomplishment. (There’s a lesson there for you too ;))

      4 – Related to point #3, I’m going to be talking about unexpected (but wildly effective) ways to cultivate authentic strength, killer confidence, and real resilience. You want to get this info.

      5 – Because COVID is still COVID, there’s an online option for the conference too, and I’m excited that not only will be reaching a local audience, but a worldwide one. There are always silver linings.

      6 – I haven’t felt like the best version of my professional self in a while, and I have a distinct feeling this is going to be the opportunity to make that reconnection.

      OK, that’s only six reasons, but SQUEEEEEE! Countdown to June 11!

      Wait, here’s reason #7 I’m excited about being an AspireHer speaker – I get to offer you a 15% discount to attend!

      Either in person or online, you can get 15% off using my personal code KOURTNEY15

      So, y’know, if you’ve been missing this stuff as much as I have, . Consider it business and personal self-care. Worth it. Especially with discount.

      Plus, if you meet me there, , and I will be your tootsie wootsie. So that’ll be extra fun.

      God, bad reference, but I really couldn’t resist. See, this is yet another reason why I’m excited to get back out into the land of the humans not living inside just my own head.

      OK, anyway. Check out , and . You’ve got about a month to do that and figure out travel, and that’s more than enough time. If online is still your best fit, don’t worry, you won’t be missing out. It’s going to be a robust and supportive experience no matter what.

      If you have any questions you can’t find answers to on the , email me and lemme know. Otherwise, see you in a month!

      Don’t forget the discount code: KOURTNEY15 And yes, of course you can share it with your friends!

      P.S. Pre-conference with me with this totally !

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