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      The pathway to expansion.

      path to expansion | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      I don’t know about you, but the winter season can do a real job on my creativity flow. That pull toward hibernation just seems to encourage more of a pause, a slowing, even a stillness, if I’m lucky.

      And I’m perfectly great with all of those things, in general. Life is all about flow, after all. But the reality of my job is that it necessitates creativity daily, and I don’t get to take the winter season off.


      What I’ve learned about creativity through eight years of owning a business that requires constant levels of it, is that the best way to facilitate creativity is actually to completely change how I’m looking at it in the first place. I mean, you know I’m all about redefining things for ourselves, so why not this?

      Creativity isn’t just about having endless ideas. Or being able to write 5,000 words at a go. Or painting beautiful art. Or taking really good pictures. In fact, creativity isn’t just art.

      Creativity can be finding a way to meet a client where they’re at. Seeking and sharing new resources. Facilitating meaningful conversation. Writing customized workouts. Problem solving. Finding innovative solutions for reducing overhead expenses. Creativity is how we live.

      Creativity is adding imagination and authenticity to delivering your unique set of skills.

      And that? That I can do any day, every day, even when the flow is slow. So can you.

      I recently had a podcast conversation about this that really put it into even more stark relief – without even knowing it, at some point, I had redefined creativity for myself, and it’s absolutely one of the things that has allowed me to grow, personally and professionally, in the last five years. And this definition of creativity has helped open a lot of doors in a lot of seasons, because creativity encourages curiosity, and curiosity inspires expansion. Like, who knew?

      Expansion starts with creativity, which starts with you being you.

      No matter where you’re at with flow, or how you feel about creativity, I bet you’re thinking about expansion. As you do, I invite you to think about where that can start, your pathway from creativity to curiosity to expansion. How can you get creative, curious, do some redefining? How can you bring your uniqueness into the world with imagination and authenticity?

      Consider taking a listen to the Sustaining Creativity Podcast, where I talk with Marika Reisberg about facing creative challenges, problem solving with creativity, and finding creative inspiration in daily life.

      Use your imagination to expand on inspiration.

      You never know – your new definition of creativity might just lead you to being able to take the winters off!

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      path to expansion | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

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