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      Some stuff I like right now.

      diego cat | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      Recently, I’ve been having this feeling of getting really excited about things, and then feeling like I have no one to share them with. Since I’m off social media, there’s no void to throw stuff into anymore, you know?

      Lucky for me, I have a BLOG. And random people who happen to stumble across it because of a wacky keyword will learn all the things that have me giddy. Lucky for them too, ha.

      And in case you’re wondering, no, this does not, even a little tiny bit, make me want to return to social media.

      So, here’s one thing I really like right now: vitamins!

      I’ve gone in and out of the vitamin and supplement habit over the years. It’s one of those daily things that’s really easy to neglect, and oftentimes, doesn’t make a huge difference in how I’m feeling. But to be totally honest, with COVID being on my mind, immunity has been on my mind, and I’m all for doing everything I can to support it.

      But, also, one of the reasons why I’m not always so gung-ho on supplements is because the industry is a total mess. It’s largely unregulated, untested, and there are so many supplements out there that are full of junk and mainly you’re just throwing your money down the toilet. It’s tough to find the good ones, but I’m finally feeling comfortable enough with a company to recommend them to my clients and audience. Yay!

      I’ve been taking Thorne supplements for several months now, and I’m a huge fan. They’re innovative, research-backed, NSF certified for many of their supplements, and the choice of 11 USA teams and more than 100 pro teams. That’s usually a very strong indicator of a very strong product.

      So, while it was tempting to go a little wild, I’m sticking with the basics, and I want to offer them to you too! Check out my favorites here, along with a huge catalog of a ton of supplement solutions from hormone support to energy and focus to performance to your general multivitamin. What I’m taking:

      Vitamin D: Because helloooooo, winter mood.

      Vitamin C: Because helloooooo, COVID.

      Zinc Picolinate: Because immunity, also healthy connective tissue and workout recovery.

      Omega 3: Because hi, heart health! Also, good skin.

      Creatine: Because this is one of the most well-researched supplements for athletes, supporting energy, muscles, and brain health. Yes, please.

      (Note: Those are affiliate links, which means I may get a few bucks if you purchase through them. Thanks for that!)

      While it’s always a little hard to tell, I will absolutely say I’m noticing a difference in sustained energy throughout the day, as well as my hair and nails. I’ll call it a win, and a solid investment in my health. Let me know if you have any questions about this stuff. I’m happy to do my best to help out in your choices.

      Another thing I really like right now: these peanut butter banana chocolate bars!

      Made them for hiking last weekend, and that was perfection. Great recipe too, because you can basically adjust for whatever you have in your pantry and whatever your tastes.

      Found ’em on Pinterest. Are you following me there? It’s definitely become a fun place to poke around a few evenings a week. I have a thing right now for book nooks, apparently.

      Thing #3 I like right now: THIS CAT.

      diego face | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      God, is he not the fucking cutest?!? He is. Truly. Fight me if you say he’s not.

      I miss Brewer with my whole heart, and there’s still a hole in my heart for him. But Diego brings me plenty of joy too, and to be honest, he’s much more photogenic!

      Thing #4 I like: this article about texting and phone calls.

      I love texting. LOVE IT. If we’re connected via phone, you’ll know this already. But I’m increasingly feeling like I want to TALK to people, and maybe I should just pick up the phone (and use it like an actual phone). Mixed up in all that is an incredible shyness around actually making phone calls. (It’s a childhood trauma thing.) And that old feeling of “but I’ll be bothering them if I call them!”

      So, I feel like this article does a great job of exploring all of those feelings, and even giving some scientific data to explain them. It’s good stuff, and I think I may be making some phone calls next week.

      Last thing (for today) I’m liking right now: this playlist.

      If you can believe it, the local Chamber of Commerce created it. Like, how fun is that? Go Denver, and go Colorado! And this is an excellent playlist that delivers on the feeling it intends to create: resilience. Every song is quality.

      So, what are you liking right now? Email, text, or call me! 😉

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