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      light selfie | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      What a weird winter to experience…winter.

      I mean, honestly, it might be the first winter ever where we’re actually feeling a tension about staying inside. Like, most winters, in a lot of places for a lot of people, we do our best to hunker down and avoid going outside at all costs. It’s cold and crappy out there and do I really need food at all? Can’t I live on pantry staples until it warms up? As long as I have this blankie and the internet, I think I’ll survive…

      But this winter, inside isn’t quite as cozy as it used to be. I mean, it mostly is, because I make it that way. But at the same time, I’m positively itching to go outside. Way more than I used to ever want to do. So, I’m doing it.

      Turns out, I can not only survive, but thrive, outside in the winter.

      We put that to the test last weekend when we took a Plan B recreation adventure. We had scoped out a good snowshoeing trail, but the trailhead was too packed by the time we got there. Luckily, this is Colorado, and there are so many options all around, you can always find another place to go.

      We ended up continuing down the mountain pass we were on to a trail we had already visited several weeks prior. Because of the aforementioned choices, we don’t always love to revisit things so soon, but decided we wanted to be outside so we were going to stay anyway.

      The bummer about it is that this is a pretty busy area, which meant that the trails were pretty hard-packed with snow, which meant that we couldn’t go snowshoeing. And, we don’t have spikes yet, so that meant taking our chances with hiking.

      Now, I’m always pretty up for just going with the flow and figuring things out. (Hello, confident Aries, spontaneous Sag moon.) Marty, a bit less so. He likes to know what he’s dealing with and be well-prepared. For whatever reason, my favorite adventure buddy was all in this day, so we set off on our hike.

      And listen, this hike was gorgeous. Truly. Great views from the very beginning, switchbacks through the forest, a babbling brook, finishing at a lake.

      icy hike | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      But it was also kiiiiiind of treacherous at times. I actually went down a little rocky section on my butt because it was covered in ice that led directly off the side of a cliff, should I have taken one little misstep.

      Nobody made a misstep, though, and we made it safely back to the car, invigorated from the hike itself, the weather, our little adapted adventure, the time together. It was a hike I knew we’d survive, but I wasn’t exactly expecting to thrive in it, and it made my week that we did.

      In a much more tame outdoor experience, we had an equally fabulous time checking out the Denver Botanic Gardens Blossoms of light!

      I’m used to the Missouri Botanical Garden’s version of this, so while the one here wasn’t as large or extensive, it was highly enjoyable and fun because it was new. My favorite part was a coordinated light and music show, kind of like the Bellagio fountains, only with a field full of little sticks with lights on them. Sounds boring, but it was actually captivating. So much so I watched it and didn’t take a picture or video for you 🙂

      blossoms of light | kourtney thomas fitness life coach light selfie | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      On to indoor experiences, check out this freaking cat!

      There’s no story here, I just think this is the most hilarious picture that perfectly captures his personality.

      diego | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      I’m still loving my morning Peloton routine, and it’s definitely setting me up for better days of working at home.

      I just re-tested my FTP and saw an improvement, which made me happy. Re-training at altitude is no joke!

      I rode my 200th ride on January 1, and that also made me happy.

      I’ve started exploring mat pilates, since they’ve added that discipline. Turns out, I have actually been familiar with much of the basic practice, but I enjoy doing it in a little more structured way.

      And I still make sure to catch every single one of Cody’s classes, because honestly, how can you not? 90s nolstalgia, dance moves, your gay best friend stories, good rides, great music, real talk about life struggles, and coordinated outfits? All of it. Gimme. And in case you’re not familiar with Cody Rigsby, or you’re new to Peloton and don’t know him as well as the rest of us in the #BooCrew, or you don’t stalk him on Instagram, get to know your new BFF. Excellent, excellent article.

      If you’re ever interested in talking Peloton, email me. And if you’re ever ready to buy your bike or tread, don’t forget to use my referral code: ZKWSF2 We both get $100 worth of goodies!

      On a final indoor note,  Fitness Unraveled group coaching is open for enrollment.

      There are many, many benefits to being a part of this group and working through the program, but a few for the day related to the above:

      1. You get to stay inside for it.
      2. But you could also find encouragement for ways to enjoy being outside, if that’s something you want to do.
      3. You’ll figure out the things you want to do.
      4. It’s a safe space for 90s nostalgia.
      5. This is the program that will teach you how to thrive, not merely survive, in your body, your movement, your fitness, and your mindset – inside and outside.

      You can find out more here. FAQs are here. You can schedule a call to chat with me if you have questions or concerns. And if you’re ready? Sign up.

      Hope you have a beautiful winter experience this week!

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