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      What we find in the in-between.

      in between | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      This week can be such a weird week, and honestly, in the weirdness, I really didn’t know what to write to you. Shocker, I know. It seems I always have about 1300 words somewhere up my sleeve, anytime of year.

      Of course, I do. I spent a couple hours yesterday writing them. And promptly decided not to send them because they didn’t feel right. And then I got all aggravated that I wasted my main window of writing time this week writing something shitty I wouldn’t even send. Aaaaaand then I reminded myself that was silly, writing isn’t always good on the first try, and two hours of practice is better than nothing.

      And now you know how my weekly writing cycle goes.

      I had first planned on writing about being on the cusp of something new with a new year on the horizon.

      But as I shared a couple weeks ago, I also think a new year, January 1, is just another morning to wake up, be grateful, and live life. Especially this year, not much is going to magically change. So the whole being at a threshold thing didn’t feel like it was going to work.

      I thought about doing a recap of this year and a big thank you for being here, as I’m seeing a lot of folks doing for their email lists.

      A roundup of stuff like popular posts, podcasts, article features, and messages of gratitude and cheers. Then I talked to a friend and she reminded me you can do a roundup any time of year, which supported the above. Basically, yeah, some big stuff has gone down and come into my world this year, I’ve accomplished more than I would’ve dreamed actually, and I’m wholly grateful to get to do that with you, but I’ll also keep doing it all tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next.

      In a similar vein, I considered revisiting that my word for 2020 was hope, and how appropriate it turned out to be, how much of a mantra, a tenet, an ingrained behavior and value it has become for me.

      I thought about sharing how it was going to be my word for 2021 too, but I was going to add joy as well, because who says you can’t have two words for a year? And then, once more, I came back to the feeling that while this calendar format we utilize has its perks, can draw these lines and mark time, it’s still just one guy’s idea of how to do it, and life keeps flowing no matter what the date says. Hope and joy will never go out of style for me.

      In the discarded words, I wrote a lot about this week being an in-between, and it kind of got away from me.

      Like, I intended to touch on that briefly, but then shift focus to introducing Fitness Unraveled group coaching registration next week. All of a sudden, I was two pages in, talking about life and choices and discomfort and opportunities. Y’know, maybe that wasn’t so bad after all…

      Because life is its own kind of giant in-between, and that’s where opportunity lies.

      The end of a year is also a beginning. Heck, the end of every day is also a beginning. It’s all in how you look at it, and every moment into the next is an ongoing opportunity to learn and gain perspective and evolve, make a change if you want to, hang out if you don’t. As they say, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

      We tend to like beginnings and ends, hard edges and closure, right answers and tidy lessons, extremes. We have a strange kind of disdain for the middle. We never like to be there, always want to get beyond it, out of it, never even talk about being in it, especially until we’re “through” it. But I’m not so sure that always serves us best.

      Because it’s in the in-between, somewhere in that sticky middle, where we find our center – and our common ground.

      In this in-between week, and the coming in-between year, we have a great opportunity to consider what the in-between of life means to us. It can go from being sticky and uncomfortable and shitty and “it is what it is” and “I just want to get past this” to a plethora of opportunity. A plum cornucopia of possibilities.

      So here we are, in the in-between. Me, still not quite knowing if this is the right thing to say but taking the opportunity to say it anyway. (Maybe I should’ve talked about FU more! Maybe not at all! Maybe I should’ve just shared a playlist and a GIF! Maybe I shouldn’t have even sent an email this week!) You, taking whatever you need from that unknown middle. But with every breath, every word, every ongoing moment in time, we’re moving toward finding our center, together.

      And I guess perhaps that’s the untidy lesson of this in-between week post –

      Being fixed in the in-between, at least for a little while, isn’t so bad after all.

      There’s a reason why I chose the word Unraveled to name my body confidence coaching program. It speaks to giving ourselves that chance to linger in the in-between, rather than forcing ourselves to commit to extremes and inevitabilities. Maybe it’s a bit counterintuitive, but in the end, it works. Registration for will open up Monday, and the program itself will start on January 25.

      And if you’re up for some support in the in-between, reach out or schedule a call with me below. I’m always here.

      what we find in the in between | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

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