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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

merry christmas | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

Well well well, welcome to in-between week!

It’s a new thing I’m going with. Work with me. You know, it’s the time of year where the population is split between a bunch of different ways of being and acting:

Aggressively working

Aggressively not working

Passively checking emails

Passively checking the fridge for snacks

Craving human connection

Actively avoiding human interaction

Frustratedly trying without success to reach all the people doing the above

Intently reflecting on the year past

Purposefully contemplating the year upcoming

Presently having no idea what to do with ourselves

Actually, maybe it’s more like we’re split between doing all these things for moments of our days this week, finally giving ourselves a chance to be a little willy nilly, unattached, out of focus, instead of lasered in on productivity and routines and responsibilities and forward movement.

That can feel a little weird, because we’re typically pretty uncomfortable with the in-between. We want to get beyond it as soon as possible. Hence, everybody seems to just be…waiting…this week, ready for Monday.

Like, the only Monday we ever really look forward to.

I’m squarely in the in-between this week too, believe me. But it’s not something I’m uncomfortable with. I love the in-between. I love the squishy bits, the back-and-forths, the polarities of our lives and personalities in action, and where and how they reveal our centers.

There is so much opportunity in the in-between. And I shared a lot more about what that can look like in this post. I hope you’ll think about embracing the in-between this week, and this year.

But back to the time of year, I can’t help but stay present for at least a few more days in the holiday spirit.

I love Christmas so much!! And don’t expect me to take my decorations down anytime soon. My husband and I had a lovely holiday weekend together, honestly, one of my favorite Christmases we’ve ever had.

Seems like a silly thing, but truth be told, his surprise of matching PJs was basically the best thing ever for the best Christmas ever. And consider that your holiday card from me!

Merry Christmas from the Thomases!

merry christmas | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

merry christmas 2 | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

We mostly relaxed in those matching PJs, but we also cooked A LOT and got in some snowshoeing. I mean, how gorgeous is this? Excuse me while I morph into full Mountain Woman Mode ASAP 4EVER.

cb snowshoe | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

cb snowshoe 2 | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

Also, have you ever had poussin? I had not. But here it is: I’m a big fan of tiny chicken. OMG this was Highly recommended.

tiny chicken | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

Quick thought on working out and movement and stress and taking care of your needs at a basic level, especially as we roll toward January 1, when the fitness and diet industry insists you kill yourself slowly and painfully with restrictive diets and exercise you actually hate – check this out. You don’t have to do that.

I shared this article on LinkedIn last week because it’s a great breakdown full of options. Real, approachable, adaptable options that could potentially work for you when you’re not sure what might work. Basically, it’s a quickie version of the more personalized, customized work we do in Fitness Unraveled group coaching.

As we move into a new year, traditionally a time to revisit priorities and make changes, I invite you to consider a new way. If you know the things you’ve tried before, and the slight variations of them, haven’t worked year after year, why not think about trying something that will work?

Why not invest your time, money, and energy into the thing that will completely change your relationship with your body for the better, forever?

Think about it. Registration for Fitness Unraveled group coaching opens Monday, January 4, and the group program starts Monday, January 25.

fitness unraveled testimonial | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

OK and one more fun thing for an hour of your in-between week – new year new jams! Well, I mean, you know me, they’re mostly not new because I’m a throwback kind of gal. But every song on this playlist will make you think and feel into the experiences of the past year and the opportunities in the upcoming one. Enjoy.

See you in 2021!

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