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      How to live in hopeful flow.

      hopeful flow | kourtney thomas fitness life coach denver

      Well, we’re officially in that nebulous time of year when fifty percent of people are checking out fifty percent of the time.

      Two weeks till the end of another year, and that, “Eh, fuck it,” feeling is creeping in. You know the one – I just have to get through the holidays and the end of the year and I’ll reengage as an active participant in my life on January 1.

      I understand the sentiment, at least partially. Especially this particular year, it feels really necessary to be able to check out for a while, and then to have some kind of hard stop to 2020 and an accompanying fresh start to 2021. It’s a little like a coping mechanism. Something to hold onto to get through it all.

      Well, I, um, I doubt I need to remind you:

      There’s no magic switch that flips on January 1.

      All the shit that’s happened this year, that’s still going on, that we’re still feeling, doesn’t miraculously go away, or resolve itself, or change when the date does.

      In fact, this is the case every year, but I think it’s extra important to remember it right now. I don’t think it’s the time to say fuck it, and I don’t think it’s the time to put all our stock in a new year. I do think it’s time to put stock in ourselves, first, actively, and consistently.

      I mean, if we’re really honest with ourselves, the next year is likely going to be equally as tough as the last. So, how do you want to set yourself up for that? High highs and low lows and clinging to a fanciful outcome just over the horizon while lamenting a doomsday scenario every morning? Or a hopeful flow grounded in realistic expectations and perspective and connected action?

      Your choice.

      Personally, the latter sounds a whole lot better to me. And spoiler alert: it’s exactly how I’ve been operating all year, and it’s the reason why I’ve been able to stay mostly physically, emotionally, mentally, and professionally well. Mostly, because I have my ups and downs too, of course. But I’m better able to manage them because of this approach. I’m an active participant in my life every day.

      The hows of doing that, though, can be a little more difficult to figure out, I know. But that’s what I’m here to help with, after all.

      The gift of approaching my life this way is that I’m able to cultivate and enjoy so many fun and unexpected opportunities, and then I’m able to pass them on to you, giving you more insight into the hows. The most recent bit of this amazingness was a conversation I had with my new friend Kristen on her podcast, Turmeric and Tequila. (I mean, graceful disruption? Yes, please. We were obviously bound to be buds.)

      I don’t want to spoil too much of it, because wow, it was a rich hour, but we definitely covered how to start thinking about your 2021, ways to approach living life and what we want out of it, and really, how to start acting on it, today.

      If you’re finding yourself creeping into fuck it mode, or you’re feeling a little scared about what 2021 will bring – or if you’re excited and hopeful about it and so ready to make things happen, this conversation is for you. We talk Dolly (obv), Madonna, marketing, fears, finding your enough – we get funny and serious, and you can even meet my doggo. Take an hour and take a listen.

      I promise, it’ll put you back in the fifty percent of people checked in a hundred percent of the time.

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      If this kind of approach sounds like something you want to check into, email me or schedule a call below and let’s talk about it. I’m not taking the next two weeks off, so I’m ready for ya 🙂

      how to live in hopeful flow | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

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