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      Give me substance.

      give me depth | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      I’m not one to shy away from the fact that what I do goes deep.

      I don’t apologize when talking about my work and my coaching partnerships. We’re going to do the hard stuff, and I’m going to be direct. Kind, encouraging, absolutely. But firm and forthright, too.

      We pull no punches and suffer no fools around here.

      What’s funny about that is that, for quite a long time, I was fairly self-conscious about it. I thought it was a bad way to go. I thought no one wanted to go there, that no one believed digging deep had value. And no matter how many times I showed that following a system or formula didn’t actually create a return or a desired outcome or feeling, everyone still wanted a system or a formula.

      Well, I guess, joke’s on me these days, because I was wrong. Plenty of people want more depth. Maybe you’re one of them.

      I had the best call with a client last week that reminded me to trust myself and what I know to be true about going deep. We were talking through marketing and growth for her fitness business, and one of the standout parts of our session was her expression of frustration and heated commentary about so many other coaches out there selling their wares. (It’s a thing, I’m sure you know it and see it. You may have the same thing going on in your own industry.) She used the word trolling, and I don’t find that inaccurate at all. But I felt a song in my soul when she said so passionately:

      Give me substance. I want the truth.

      I smiled and nodded because yes, and you got it. You’re in the right place. And so am I.

      The truth is, I think we all want a little more depth and truth, even if it’s scary. And I’m not scared to embrace depth anymore, because I know the trivial stuff on the periphery isn’t truly satisfying in the long run. You won’t find substance and truth on the surface, but in the depths.

      What takes courage – substance – is to see that difference, make the choice, and dive in.

      In other “things I’d share on social media” news this week…

      I was able to get out for a half-day hike with a friend, and we were both pleasantly surprised and, frankly, awed at the spot we explored. Neither of us had been there, and it was really fun to see the new and different terrain, great views (Of course. Always. Colorado, you are everything.), and even a beautiful and peaceful drive in.

      colorado trail | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      It snowed again! So pretty.

      snow | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      I’ve been getting up early in the morning and working out, which means a 30-minute Peloton ride most days. Honestly, I’m surprising myself with my consistency in this. I have never loved working out in the morning, and I’m still not any good at it – my energy is crap and my outputs are lower across the board, but I’m actually doing it! Just one more experience to prove it’s a story I told myself, and we can always rewrite the story, because not only am I doing it, but I’m enjoying it and starting to look forward to it. Who knew you could teach an old dog new tricks? (I knew.)

      A couple of my fav classes lately:

      Emma’s 9/3/20 30 minute Listening Party

      Cody’s 11/17/20 30 minute Pop Ride

      Ross’s 11/5/20 20 minute Yoga Flow

      And also, if you’re thinking of treating yourself to a Peloton, use my referral code and we both get treats! -> ZKWSF2

      I shared this recipe in last week’s email, but I liked it so much and it’s so dang easy, I made it again and didn’t forget to take a picture!

      pot pie | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      Sunday begins Advent season, and I’d love to invite you to join me virtually at The Gathering. If worship, or really any kind of church feeling, is something you’ve been missing, I can’t recommend this community highly enough. It’s changed my world – and increased my depth of living so much – in the last couple years. I’m so proud of how truly inclusive (yes! seriously!) this church community is, and if you’re skeptical, well, all the more reason to check it out then.

      I’ve been way too overwhelmed to even think about a Black Friday or Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday shopping/vendor list. Plus, I’m honestly trying not to buy too much shit I don’t need. Instead, I sent out some donations, and I plan on doing the same on Giving Tuesday and on Colorado Gives Day. This is where I’ll be starting.

      If you do need stuff or are looking for holiday gifts, I’d recommend doing an internet search for Black Owned, Women Owned, Native Owned, or local businesses. It’s so easy to do and will only take you an extra five minutes with such a huge payoff. If you don’t need actual stuff, consider giving instead, and even consider it as a gift. You’d be surprised how honored people will be by a donation in their name.

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