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      The time we’ll never get back.

      i don't know | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      There was a time in my life when I body-checked so often, it was probably the single biggest use of my time.

      I got up in the morning, pinched my belly skin, looked in the full-length bathroom mirror, turned sideways, sucked in, put my palms over my thighs.

      I put on my clothes and acutely felt exactly how loose or tight they were.

      I ate lunch, went back into the bathroom at school or work and went through the same routine as the morning.

      I snuck little pinches in every single time I peed throughout the day.

      I did it all over again as I undressed and changed into my PJs, and then went to bed flexing my abs hard as I could till I fell asleep.

      Honestly, if I added that up, I probably spent three hours a day absorbed in body-checking. Three out of sixteen-ish waking hours every day. That’s 21 hours a week – almost a full day. For years.

      All wasted.

      Oh, and that’s not even counting the rest of the negative self-talk, or the time spent exercising, meal planning and prepping, counting calories, reading and talking about diet and fitness rules, and everything else I did to keep myself “in shape.” That stuff attributed easily another 21 hours a week, if not more, to my little routine.

      Also all wasted.

      God, if I could get that time back. If I could get that time back! I can scarcely imagine what my life would have looked like, would look like today. It’s emotional to even think about it.

      I can’t get all that time back. But I decided a while back that I also wouldn’t ever waste another second on that BS.

      I have absolutely no idea how much time I have on this earth, and I’ve got shit to do, people to meet, and so, so many things to see.

      And while I made that decision years ago, I’ll freely admit that it hasn’t really been until the last year or two that I’ve been able to fully take my time back, limit the body checking and other associated fitness and food obsessing. It’s so conditioned, so ingrained, it takes a whole lot more time, effort, and energy than I ever thought it would to change my thoughts and behaviors.

      It’s an unraveling.

      Y’know, not enough time is one of the biggest barriers and challenges I hear about from folks wanting to incorporate more fitness or wellness or self-care into their lives. (Same for going after that big career dream or side hustle or dating or any other meaningful intention.) And nearly every single woman I know is unaware of the same problem I was unaware of – that there’s time. Plenty of it. But it’s being very, very misallocated, and you have to use a bit of that time and move it around if you want your life to feel different.

      I created to reallocate the time we spend thinking about our bodies, trash talking them, freaking out about those cookies, feeling guilty about missing that workout – toward living out all the things we actually want in life.

      I crafted this framework from all the years of my own pain and struggle. I incorporated a decade of client work, and what helped those hundreds of women find success. I built a space and a path for you to start or continue your own journey, but in a way that won’t take any more of that precious time away from all the things and people you love.

      This is time well spent.

      is open for registration today. There are limited spots available – just eight. And you’ll only be able to sign up through Sunday night.

      There’s no more time to waste, my friend.

      If you have questions about the program, you can find a lot of answers . If you have other specific questions though, email me. I’ll get back to you within a couple of hours. And if there’s someone in your life who might relate and benefit from time spent in FU? Definitely send this to them or share <3


      the time we'll never get back | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

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