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      What would it look like to strike a balance?

      strike a balance | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      Hey, good morning!

      Wanted to write a quick note to say hi and hope you’re having a lovely weekend, and also to share a quick story from a dear friend.

      She’s a beautiful soul, someone I’ve known for five or six years, and initially met when she was also a fitness professional and we were working at a group fitness studio. And now, all these years later, she’s someone who took a chance and reached out about the last round of . We chatted for an hour one day about what was going on with her, whether the program would be right for her, and she took another chance and trusted me with a yes. We’re both really glad she did.

      I think my friend’s story is similar to a lot of women’s stories, maybe even yours…

      “FU came at a crazy time for me but I knew I needed to take action. There was never going to be a perfect time. I had left personal training a few years prior because I was burnt out. I had some major life changes and I just didn’t value the obsessive track I was on. I was sick of worrying what I looked like, of working out instead of spending time with friends and family and worrying about everything I ate. It ruled my life.

      I didn’t want to cast aside health, I just wanted to get a new perspective. I wanted to see what my life would look like if fitness wasn’t the only focus.

      What if I just exercised because I wanted to? What if I ate some of things that had previously been off limits? Would I gain a ton of weight? Would I become a lazy slob?

      FU helped me deconstruct the faulty house of cards I had set up for myself. I was never going to be happy with the previous house.

      I moved away from the mirror and into a deep dive of my why’s for working out. Who was it for? What was enough? What would it look like to strike the balance between being healthy and health focused instead of perfection?

      And then I looked at my relationship to food. I gave myself permission to have anything I wanted but I had to eat it consciously. I had to be in the present moment with it. My cravings for certain foods went away and actually some of the things I thought I liked so much, I realized I really didn’t. I only liked them because I had made them off limits.

      This freed me in ways I can’t even explain. I am happier. I have more joy. When I go down the rabbit hole of picking on myself, I do a hard stop. I remember that I am not living like that anymore. I am free. I am finding myself interested in things I didn’t know I was interested in.

      FU is a set of tools that liberated me from the box I had put myself in.”

      Pretty powerful story, y’know? It’s just one of those things, like, it’s never a great time and always the best time to change your story.

      So hey, if you see yourself in any part of this story? Or want to see yourself in the ending? Join . Today’s the last day to do it till 2021.

      This friend is a woman not unlike a lot of women out there – mid-40s, mom of two, working full time, living in a suburb. And I keep coming back to that part about being liberated from the box she had put herself in…I’ve always hated being stuffed into the boxes society tries to stuff us into, which is a big part of why this program exists and what we work on…so I just…no matter where you’re at, how old you are, what you’re doing…let’s all crawl outside these boxes. One more time, , email me if you have a question.

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