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      From Point A to Point B.

      I was going to share with you today a bit more of the “what” and “how” of , vs. the “why” that I’ve been talking about. But as I sat down to type that out, I ran into a bit of a roadblock.

      I wanted to share with you more about the program itself, more about the challenges and key concepts it addresses. But I struggled to articulate that. (Also, I really feel like I have gone over a lot of that in this week’s emails and the information about the program.)

      I wanted to share with you more about what you’ll get out of it, how your transformative experience will go, from Point A to Point B. But I struggled to articulate that too. (This one I really do feel is difficult though I’ve tried to do it through testimonials.)

      I mean, it’s kinda like trying to explain what it’s like to have a spiritual vision to someone who doesn’t believe in spiritual visions. Or exactly how big the Grand Canyon is to someone who’s never even seen it in a picture.

      At the most basic level, this program just isn’t exactly like anything else you might be familiar with, and that’s not always easy to communicate. As one of the previous group participants says:

      “I don’t know that there IS anything like FU honestly. I’m pretty keen on self-help and looking for ways to help myself when things aren’t ‘right’ in my head and I was not seeing anything. I’ve taken some other online classes that sort of assisted with some aspects…and of course I’m a huge believer in therapy. This is a good course that is not as in-depth as therapy but goes deeper than other online courses I’ve taken to help my negative or not good enough thoughts.”

      So, OK, maybe I’ll just work with that for today.

      The program itself: Not really like anything else out there. In the very best way imaginable.

      Challenges and key concepts it addresses: All the stuff that falls into or between the cracks of most fitness and mindset stuff you’re already familiar with. Listening to your body, defining your meaning for exercise, figuring out what you enjoy, self-worth, working with your inner critic, clarifying your priorities, accountability. Also: sorting through shoulds, societal expectations and norms, addressing those not-good-enough thoughts, not telling you what to do or how to do it, guiding you through constructing your totally you-centric plan.

      How your transformative experience will go from Point A to Point B: Exactly how you need it to go.

      Like, well, here’s a great example, straight from the program framework and activities: the Fitness Choices Decision Tree.

      Fitness Choices Decision Tree | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      As you can see, it’s choose-your-own-adventure. You fill in the blanks. You write the rules. You decide what you need, and you choose when it’s time to opt out. The groundwork is there, but you build your foundation on top of it.

      You create your path to your transformation.

      Ooooh, I just got chills.

      And you know what? Maybe that’s the magic of the what and how of Fitness Unraveled – it can’t necessarily be quantified, shaped into a perfect box. Maybe that’s what makes it most effective, most freeing for so many women with so many different life experiences and challenges. Because we can’t always be quantified or shaped into perfect boxes either, and it’s OK to trust ourselves to try new and different things that embrace that, together.

      I guess what I’m saying is if any of the whys for speak to you, I can guarantee the whats and hows will follow too.

      You’ll find a way through the roadblocks and struggles here, even if you can’t fully articulate them.


      If you’ve been waffling about this and not sure, I completely understand! Been there. If it’s OK with you, I’d like to offer that you try closing your eyes and focusing your awareness on your gut, your heart, or maybe your soul, whatever inner guide you always trust to know what’s right for you. Take external noise out of the picture, meditate or pray for just a sec (maybe outside, for sure with no devices), and see what comes up. If it feels less waffle-y, .

      Mmmmmm, .

      Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch that and just talk about what you need.

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