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      How to ease back into working out.

      ease back into working out | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      I looked at the date while I was writing this and thought to myself, wow. Four whole months have passed since we were all thrust into this totally different pandemic lifestyle. I keep thinking two or three, but it’s a full third of the year we’ve been here.

      Four months mostly at home.

      Four months since I’ve been able to hug anyone other than my husband.

      Four months since I’ve been not anxious on a crowded street.

      Four months since I’ve been to the gym.

      That last one feels especially weird, for me. For the past six or seven years of my life, the gym has been a very regular and always consistent part of my life. Anywhere from three to five days a week, it was a given. A self-care respite of sweating in a noise cancelling headphones bubble.

      Now? Not so much. The thought of stepping foot in a gym literally makes me sick to my stomach. Like, did you know the “dust” you see in the gym is mostly made up of DEAD SKIN FLAKES? Hard pass for me, I don’t care how much your trusty local gym owner is trying to tell you they’re cleaning and sanitizing.

      Anyway, not being able to go to the gym hasn’t held me up from focusing on fitness by any means. In fact, I’ve probably been equally as consistent with movement, if not more so – especially since moving to Colorado.

      And yeah, I have a stacked home gym. I have a bike. But also, I have legs and a buff and some perspective.

      Pandemic life has encouraged a change in routine to be sure, but that has by no means been the worst thing ever.

      Interestingly, I’ve chatted with lots of people lately, and every one of us has a bit of a different perspective on the whole workout and fitness routine thing. Some folks are really struggling, some folks are totally killing it because they have more freedom right now, and some people are somewhere in the middle – fitting in what they can, probably not what it used to be, thinking about what they want it to be.

      And every point on that sliding scale is a perfect place to be.

      If, however, you happen to find yourself in a ready state for transitioning back into a little more regular (or new regular) exercise routine, I’ve got something for you.

      I was asked to contribute to for InStyle about how to ease back into workouts, and it turned out so well. I’m partial to my tips, but not gonna lie, I loved what all the other trainers had to say too. Some really, really great stuff here to think about and use as you think about what’s next for you.

      how to ease back into working out again, according to trainers |

      No matter where you’re at with fitness right now, I hope you’ll entertain some perspective, and allow yourself movement along the sliding scale of struggle <-> success.

      Always remember: there’s no one right way to do it. Only your right way.

      If you’re struggling with fitness right now, with figuring out what feels right for you, with ease and a routine that makes sense for your life, think about trying out . It literally exists to walk you through all of those things, with the end goal of feeling better, feeling like you, feeling comfortable and confident in your body and fitness, forever – pandemic and beyond. Details , waitlist

      how to ease back into working out | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

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