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Your thing is enough.

your thing is enough | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

Having been a business owner for over seven years now, I swear, I have heard and seen and read every version of what that means over the years. Or what it has to look like. Or what one needs to do to be successful at it.

You can probably guess I don’t buy into any of it.

There are few standards I hold myself to when it comes to “what you need to do” to have a “successful” business, mostly because the definition of successful is so wildly different for every person and every business. Also, because screw rules.

Anyway, one of those standards is, and has always been, getting your business shit in order before anything else. As in, protecting yourself legally and financially by forming a legal entity, complete with state and federal tax ID numbers and separate bank accounts, before you ever begin to accept dollars.

The second standard is writing an email/blog once a week, every week.

Pretty much everything in between is up for discussion. Ha.

If you’ve been around for a while, or even if only for a few weeks or a month, you know that I am 99% compliant with my own email/blog standard. I’d almost say I’m religious about it, but I’m definitely consistent. It’s important to me in a lot of ways, and it’s proven to be very important for my business over the years too.

The last few weeks though? Woof, it’s also proven to be incredibly difficult. Probably more so than ever before. And still, every week, I find myself on Thursday or Friday, figuring it out. If I can do one thing, I can find a way to do this. It may not be my “best,” it may not be the most OMG-that-rocked-my-world insightful thing in the world, but it’s enough.

This blog is a perfect example. It’s 3:21pm on Friday, and my personal deadline is to have this blog written and/or scheduled by 5pm Friday. I had this as a task on my list all week and sat down each day coming up with a total blank. But I knew I’d come up with something. Something. I had only a few tasks on my list today – this blog, coaching for Fitness Unraveled, and a social media post. Coaching comes first, and that’s checked off, now I find myself here.

Actually, I found myself an hour and a half ago texting my husband I had a bit more coaching to do, plus this email, and I’d be finished up with work by 4pm. So now HERE WE ARE I HAVE TO DO THIS. (To be clear, I also want to do this.)

So, is it just a roundup of articles I read this week? A particularly poignant song lyric and accompanying playlist? Something I made a note about weeks ago but haven’t gotten around to writing about just yet? No. It’s not any of those.

It’s this. This particularly, weirdly meta blog.

Because what I’m trying to say is this: Sometimes the act of doing the thing you said you were going to do is enough to be the thing.

There are no other requirements. It doesn’t have to be a perfect or a better or a hilarious or a smart or a new thing. It can just be the thing. The thing is enough in its most basic form.

Use workouts or movement as an example. If you’ve set a standard you want to move every day, let that – some and any kind of movement – be enough of a thing without more caveats.

Connection as an example. If you’ve set a standard of staying connected with people in your life, let a sent text that doesn’t even get a response be enough.

Work as an example. If you’ve set a standard to do your job, let that be enough without pressure to say yes to everything else that comes across your desk.

Set standards for yourself, sure. But don’t fall prey to the idea that they all have to have these unspoken additional implications and attachments and expectations. Do your best to release that idea. And then do your thing and believe it’s enough.

Because it is. Today, and every day.

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