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      What’s in a name?

      whats in a name | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      So…ummm…I’m a person who swears a lot. (Warning: there’s a lot of swearing in this post.) I grew up in a household with a stepdad who literally inserted the f-word between syllables of words and never, ever censored himself in any situation, business or personal, from the time I was four years old and forevermore.

      If you know me, you know this is a behavior I picked up along the way. Nature and nurture, and all that stuff.

      Now, I’ve taken a slightly different approach, and I’m perfectly able to judge environments and situations and appropriately censor myself when I need to. But eh, “need” is a strong word for me in this department. I wasn’t really raised with a ton of etiquette rules (obviously), or to be a certain kind of lady, or to know the difference between polite company and any other kind of company. What that means is that basically, I’ll be chill for the first five minutes we’re talking, and pretty soon, it’s fuck that and are you fucking serious?

      If we’re there, it’s a sign of endearment, OK?

      I’ve done research on language. I’ve read the books and articles on how swearing is good for you, and how it can be good for business too. I’ve never been shy in admitting that I’ll confirmation bias the heck out of myself, but I’m just saying, the research is out there. This shit’s powerful, and I’m perfectly comfortable with my choice of vernacular.

      Because I’m a savvy person, every single time I think about language from a business standpoint, I think about it through multiple lenses. Strategically, emotionally, personally, professionally. From the side of what gets me fired up, from the side of what will get other people fired up. When appropriate, from the point of what will sell, or what will attract attention. Words have power, and whether it pays in real dollars or otherwise, it pays to be intentional about them. I make choices.

      So, when I was contemplating the name for Fitness Unraveled, I did an excessive amount of thinking about what words I would choose. I knew exactly what the program would be, what it would mean, how important and impactful it would be, so I also knew the words to describe it had to be exact, meaningful, important, and impactful.

      I journaled a lot. I talked out loud to myself (and my cats) a lot. I asked friends, texted a lot of them too (which I’m sure they were grateful for because they could ignore me). I got some great feedback on my ideas, some new thoughts and perspectives. And one conversation that solidified it for me was one with my sister-in-law.

      Basically, weird and random story about a dinner she had with some super rich businessman type who said many of the most memorable and successful product and business names have some kind of a dual meaning, perhaps a double entendre. I had never really thought about it before, but it makes sense. Think: Virgin Atlantic.

      Get to the fuckin’ point, Kourtney. I know. I am.

      Fitness Unraveled is a very, very purposeful name, and I want you to understand it.

      Unraveled: The word with all the interesting and useful definitions and interpretations. It can feel negative, like splayed out, broken apart, undone. It can also mean pulling things apart from their tightly wound structures. It can mean breaking things down to their most basic elements.

      And that’s pretty ideal, actually. Not negative at all.

      Because when you think about the other side of the unraveling coin, you learn that it’s about sorting things out. Sometimes simplifying. Finding next steps, reconciliations.

      Turns out, we might want to feel unraveled. It’s freeing.

      Fitness: The word with all the dogmatic and frustrating and BS and unhelpful definitions and interpretations. It can feel negative. It often doesn’t feel simple at all. And it can break you down.

      Not ideal.

      But, if we unravel fitness? That flips whatever old definition we hold on its head, it’s freeing AF, and it absolutely simplifies things and makes it so much easier to find next steps and harmonize fitness in a way that feels good.

      And now for our double meaning…

      In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’ve been frustrated with fitness and diet culture in its existing forms for a couple of years now. There are so many highly damaging and problematic behaviors and associations and situations and services and books and influencers and studios and products and I could go on… Some days it makes you wanna just throw your hands up and say, FUCK. THIS.

      Fuck it all. I give up. I’ll never be thin. I’ll never be fit. I don’t wanna do any of this shit in the first place. I wanna sit on the couch and eat some fucking pizza and not feel terrible about myself all the time. Fuck you, fitness.

      Y’know? Same. (Yes, I feel those parts for myself some days. And then I have to layer on top the frustrating industry professional side of things too. It’s super fun.)

      Eff you.


      Fitness Unraveled.

      I’m tired of always holding it together, trying to do everything I’m told because it’s how I’m supposed to do it, how it’s always been done, or how everyone else is doing it. I’m also incredibly saddened to continually hear from so many other women who are tired, who feel the same way but don’t know where to go or what to do about it – how to make it look and feel different in the future, how to feel confident enough in their own bodies and choices to really get behind that big FU.

      That’s what this program is about.

      Yeah, it’s me living my purpose, changing the conversation and the industry, saying FU and BYE-BYE to the toxic side of fitness and doing things differently. (Very much on brand, right? Heh.) But more importantly, it’s you living your purpose, changing your life, saying FU and BYE-BYE to all the bullshit lies and shoulds about your body and fitness you’ve carried around your whole life, and doing things differently.

      Together, it’s us making a difference.

      And fuck, that’s powerful.

      There’s a reason why Fitness Unraveled abbreviates to FU. Words are potent. The meaning behind them even more so. I’ve chosen my words and I’m making my meaning.

      Fitness Unraveled.

      Fully unabashed.

      Fabulously unchained.

      Finally unleashed.

      Whether they include swear words or not, I encourage you to choose your words and meaning too. Whatever FU is on the tip of your tongue – this is the place to whisper it, or to shout it.

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