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      An article I think you might enjoy.

      find your power | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      I woke up a few weeks ago to a text from a friend with a link to this article and the words:

      So. Many. Truths.

      This friend is one of my favorites, and I never hesitate for a second when she sends anything my way. She knows me well and deeply, and has never steered me wrong.

      So, before I did anything else, I opened up the article and began to read.

      And then I read faster. Eyes darting across the screen, heart rate increasing, eating up every word, nodding all along the way. And finally, when I got to the final paragraphs, my heart dropped.

      So many truths, yes. But also, so much sadness.

      So. Much. Sadness.

      This is a short article, but let me pull just a few quotes for you if you don’t have the extra minutes today.

      “I don’t actually think beauty is restricted to certain types of women at all. I don’t think you need to be thin to have sex or find love. I know all this but am sorry to report that I only like myself thin. My weight has probably occupied 50 percent of my thinking for my entire life. I am on a diet now. I just lost eight pounds. I want to lose 15 more.”


      What if not? What if, at least, less?

      And what if we liked ourselves at other times and sizes too?

      I just…this kills me. But at the same time, it reminds me, over and over again, of why I do the work that I do. Why I write, why I do talks, why I post on social media, why I have 25 coffee meetings per month. Articles and conversations and shares like these are exactly why I created Fitness Unraveled. They’re why I believe in it so wholeheartedly.

      And it’s why I’m asking you to think about taking this opportunity to explore shifting that percentage for yourself. To explore how it might feel to like yourself no matter if your body at any size or shape.

      I’ll acknowledge that might feel kind of woo, or maybe just uncertain, like how do I know that will really happen for me if I sign up for this program? Well, if you’re willing to commit to yourself, and you trust me even a little bit, it’ll happen for you. This is what I’ve been doing for a decade, the process works, and I’m good at facilitating it.

      Says a former client and friend who’s been through the unraveling process:

      “This is where your power is — helping women recognize and move beyond this mentality.”

      I know where your power is, and it is not in playing the diet game, the shrinking game, or the comparison game. It’s not too late, and you’re not too brainwashed.

      Unravel that notion, and unload the BS. Uncomplicate the picture, and unleash the powerful and confident you I know you feel inside.

      Figure out what fitness looks like for you.

      Feel better in body, mind, and soul.

      Finally come home to your unquestionable self in body and life.

      Make that your truth.

      Tomorrow is the last day to do join the group.

      Bonus quote that was so accurate:

      “It’s bizarre the way that women’s feelings about their bodies, good and bad, are tied to other women, like, if a woman has a great body, this can feel like a rebuke to everyone who has a regular body. As I watched J. Lo’s Super Bowl halftime show, I thought, this is going to turn into a thing where middle-aged women get upset because they don’t look like that, and they will express this anger in racist and sexist comments about her clothing choices and the precise shape of her body. Poor innocent J. Lo’s body — here it thought its whole purpose was just to move J. Lo’s consciousness through space.”

      Let’s move beyond this, shall we? More info about the program here, FAQs here, contact me here, sign up here.

      Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch that and just talk about what you need.

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