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      Let the light in.

      let the light in | kourtney thomas fitness life coach
      It’s OK to let the light in.

      As funny and uncomfortable as that might feel right now, if it’s there, it’s OK to let it shine.

      Remember a couple months back when I sent you an email and asked for some help in nominating me for something? Well, yesterday, I found out it worked, so THANK YOU.

      I’m one of five finalists in the personal trainer category for the St. Louis Magazine 2020 A-List Readers’ Choice Poll.

      Also, I’m the only woman out of the five.

      This is a big deal.

      At first, I felt so excited, it brought tears to my eyes.

      Then, I felt stupid and selfish for feeling excited.

      Then, I thought about how I was feeling. And I decided that feeling excited about this isn’t stupid or selfish at all. And dammit, I’m gonna feel the way I feel, especially if it’s happy.

      Life isn’t ever all love and light. But when the shadows are growing longer, it’s OK to bask in the sunny spots you find.

      I hope you’re letting some light shine in.

      In fact, will you share your light with me today? Head up from your phone or computer, take a deep breath. Click here and let me know what you see and feel. I’ve found it helps. It might help you too.

      And if you have a little light to shine my way today, I’d be so, so grateful. Voting is open from now till April 17, and listen, I wanna win this. Vote here, or with the big ol’ button below. And forward or share on social too (Facebook, Instagram), if you have a minute.


      Here’s to letting the light in.

      Hey, here’s a quick article on taking care of your mental health in the face of uncertainty. And if you need to talk, or to talk strategies for training or letting the light in right now – schedule a call below, or email me anytime.

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