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      10 things to do at home (other than Netflix).

      10 things to do at home | kourtney thomas fitness life coach

      Hey there.

      How are you feeling?

      Mean it that I’d love your reply and to know, because I’m not sure people are really asking and wanting to know the answer. It’s alright if you’re worried, it’s alright if you’re not so worried. We all have a right to feel how we feel. It’s normal.

      Also, check in with someone you love, OK?

      I’m feeling a little weird, and OK, and cautious, and suuuuuper grateful for my life situation. We’ve had to cancel a big international trip we’ve been planning for more than a year which is a bummer, but I’m feeling like that was a smart and prudent thing to do for humanity.

      Clearly, I’m all in for flattening the curve, and fortunately, I have the business and the skill set to be able to do it personally and professionally without much disruption. (Also, child-free life, for the win!) I realize that’s not the case for everyone, so I want to do my best to help in the ways I can.

      I also realize that sending emails and continuing to do business in uncertain times might seem callous or insensitive to some, but I disagree for a lot of reasons – which I’m happy to discuss in more detail with you if you’re interested. But top of mind are:

      • Small business owners are going to get rocked for the next year, whereas the Amazons and bigtime online businesses (a la Marie Forleo or Tone It Up) will be just fine. We smaller ones have to keep going as best we can to survive, being mindful and honoring the situation.
      • Health and well-being are going to be a high priority for the next little bit, including physical, mental, and emotional. Since many of us won’t be headed to the gym or to community events, it’s important to find ways to find the support we need, even if it’s different than our usual routine. Combine that stuff with the fact that many of us will have a little more time at home on our hands, maybe a little more wiggle room and opportunity to do the things we’ve been putting off, and I want to offer ways to do that. It would be a disservice to you and to me not to.

      So, yes, Fitness Unraveled is still happening in April. Yes, I still have virtual training spots available, and I’ve been working with at-home clients for a decade with much success. Yes, I still have career and mindset coaching spots available, and that work has been all online for three years now with much success too. Yes, I still have downloadable programs, totally affordable options for both fitness and mindset work on-your-own. Also, some new free at-home workouts!

      And, yes, I also still have even more ideas that don’t have to do with my services. In light of the fact we might be spending just a bit more time at home in the coming weeks, and the fact that we can’t work 24/7, and the fact cabin fever affects humans, and the fact that we can only take so much Netflix and chill, I thought I’d share ten other ideas for making the most of your time at home this spring.

      Clean out your linen closet or your bathroom drawers. (Listen, we could all stand to do this. And ditch all those products that are more than a month expired, please.)

      Vacuum your couch. (Sounds weird, super satisfying.)

      Do a little workout. (Try these.)

      Read ten pages of the next book on your ever-expanding need-to-read list. (I highly recommend this one.)

      Make out. (Or maybe something equivalent to that with yourself, if you’re single. *Ahem* I’m saying you can masturbate.)

      Rake your yard. (There are always extra pesky leaves that show up, even if you raked in the fall. And nobody else will be within six feet of you for this one, I’m quite sure.)

      Bake these cookies. (Sweet and salty, FTW!)

      Call a friend. (Me. Call me.)

      Take a nap. (Or fine, meditate if you “don’t nap.”)

      Write a letter. (If you can’t think of anyone you’d like to send a letter to, write one to yourself.)

      This is the beautiful side of the interwebs, y’know? Distancing doesn’t have to mean isolation. And it certainly doesn’t mean not continuing to care for and be kind to yourself. I hope you’ll find the ways to do that that feel good to you.

      Be smart and safe out there, please. Listen to the people who know what they’re talking about. Resources here and here. Also, this.

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