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      Pizza and Mondays.

      pizza | kourtney thomas fitness life coach st. louis

      It’s 7:46pm, which means two things:

      It’s too late to post on social media.

      It’s too late to do the workout I had planned for today.

      Monday was a bear, and here we are:

      I got a late start.

      I had a meeting cancel.

      I took care of some personal stuff.

      I wallowed in self-doubt for a while.

      I procrastinated doing my big task for the day.

      I had a meeting go long (in a good way).

      I found some laser focus really late in the day.

      I didn’t leave the office till 6:45pm.

      Sounds kinda like a normal, hectic day in the life of a 30-something professional, right?

      Yeah, of course I wanted to get my workout in. I actually love working out, and of course I knew it would feel good, would help me de-stress a little too.

      But 5pm came and went, and I was still at the office.

      And when I finally got home, I didn’t even consider doing the workout anyway. I grabbed my leftover pizza and ate my dinner.

      Am I freaking out about it? No.

      Am I feeling guilty for still eating the pizza even though I didn’t do my workout? God, no. It’s pizza, and it’s delicious.

      Am I shaming myself for knowing I could do better and why can’t I just stick to the plan? No!

      I’ll admit – three years ago, those answers might have been yes. Or at the very least, I would’ve kicked myself for not managing my day better.

      Not today.

      Today, I maaayyyy – or still may not – do a 10 minute Peloton core workout while I watch TV – and be totally cool either way.

      Today, I will for sure know it is not a sign that I’m a lazy piece of shit that I didn’t work out for one day (even though I’m a trainer!).

      Today, I’ll understand not every day looks ideal, and it doesn’t make me a bad person when one ends up all over the place.

      Today, I know without a doubt that a lifetime of health and happiness in mind and body is dependent only on my ability to recognize and understand my needs and choose to prioritize them every day, with self-discipline and self-compassion in equal measure.

      That last bit is key, and it’s also surprisingly tough to actually practice in real life. But me and my pizza know it’s possible.

      I promise. I’ll show ya. Soon. Sign up here and see.

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