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      Welcome to The Un Club.

      welcome to the un club | kourtney thomas life coach

      Oh, hey!

      You may have noticed a few changes here in the last few days.

      Honestly? You may have noticed some changes in the last couple years, ha.

      If you’re anything like me, it’s been a bit of a…weird time. Challenging. Definitely a struggle at times, sometimes outwardly, but for certain, on the inside.

      There have been so many times in the last two years that I’ve felt lost. Confused. Torn in a million directions. Just…untethered.

      And it’s taken months and months to sort through it all. To practice what I preach so I could uncover all the shoulds I was piling on, all the BS I was believing in. Exactly what felt like such a struggle, put my finger on my challenges. I had to look all that in the eye and unlearn it. And then, I had to decide where the hell to go from there.

      Here’s what I figured out – underneath all of that was me. Maybe that sounds trite, but it’s true. I unconsciously buried myself, and it took a minute to dig down to my foundation again.

      But here we are, and I’m feeling so unquestionably myself.


      So here’s the deal – I’ve talked to a lot of women in the past couple years who have felt similar rumblings in their souls. I think there are times when we feel a little unmoored, a little overwhelmed by how to get there, to figure it out. And especially, how to find the people who get it. The community that will support us, wholeheartedly, authentically.

      I couldn’t put my finger on it for a long time. But enough people tell you there’s something to this, enough amazing people gravitate into your sphere, enough thoughtful conversation happens, and it starts to uncloud. And thus…

      The Un Club was born.

      I don’t yet know exactly how or where or when or what it’ll look like, but I do know we’re ready.

      And I know it’s time we all come home to ourselves. It’s a process – Uncover. Unlearn. Unleash. But damn, it feels good. So let’s do it together.

      Here’s what I can say for now: I’ll be around and encouraging conversation in The Unclub Facebook group, and on all my social media channels (#theunclub & #uncoverunlearnunleash), and (which is really the hot spot). I hope you’ll engage in it, I hope you’ll share our community with other women, see what we can build together. Nothing is really off the table – and while we’ll incorporate the usual, The Un Club isn’t just about fitness or career, it’s a life approach.

      Unbound. Unwound. Unshakeable.

      So, you ready?

      What’s your Un word?

      I’d love to hear your Un word! Email me about it, and make sure you head over to the group and share it too.

      Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch that and just talk about what you need.

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