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      What if you broadened your portfolio?

      money | kourtney thomas life coach

      Every time we visit my husband’s parents, the very first thing his dad asks me if I’m making the big bucks.

      Usually, I kind of hem and haw, all, “Haha! Yeah! For sure!” And I get a nice pat on the back.

      This last time, though, I straight up answered no. “Not really,” I said.

      And then I caught him even more off guard by talking about how I was really happy with the combination of what I was doing and how I was helping people. “But no big new million-dollar ideas?” he asked, like happiness and helping people made no sense.

      I still answered no. And sat contentedly through the awkwardness that ensued.

      It might sound like a silly thing. Like, why not just go along with it or change the subject?

      I don’t know, y’all, HAVE YOU MET ME?!?

      Listen, I like money.

      And I’m the biggest proponent of creating financial wealth, especially as womxn. And I have absolutely worked to do that for myself, and to support other women in doing it for themselves too.

      But, for me, liking money first has gotten in my way.

      The story that making the big bucks makes me a worthwhile, successful person has done more to crush my soul and keep me from actually making those big bucks than it has to enhance my life or business. And letting that be the first and main topic of conversation, directly or indirectly, is not something I want to do anymore.

      I’m all in for creating financial wealth. Lord knows, we have all the access and opportunity to do that these days.

      I’m also all in for creating the total picture of wealth, including happiness and helping. And, surprise: we also have all the access and opportunity to do that too.

      There’s a balance. It’s not all about purpose and passion and working for free. That’s not the world we live in. But I’m just not convinced it’s all about Ducktales-style piles of cash either.

      I think it’s about asking what matters. What the money is really worth. And whether dollars are the very first thing you want to use to determine your, or anybody else’s, worth and wealth.

      Money’s value goes up and down all the time. If you base your worth and wealth on it first and foremost, yours will too.

      So, what if you broadened your portfolio?

      Ahem. PRICELESS.

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