The shoulds.

shoulds | kourtney thomas life coach

Things I have felt like I should do in the past week or so:

Shave all my parts for a bachelorette party at the lake.
Wash the sheets.
Meal prep breakfasts for my busy husband.
Go into my office and show my face.
Be productive (whatever that means).
Wear more make-up.
Text a friend who’s ghosted me for the last three months.
Post more on social media.
Lose three pounds.

Things I have felt like I shouldn’t do in the past week or so:

Sleep late.
Read for two hours a day.
Share my strong opinion.
Call a friend in the middle of the day because it would bother them.
Take a break.
Spin AND go to the gym.
Talk about going to church.
Wear jean shorts to a meeting.
Post another selfie.

Some of those things, I did. Some I didn’t. I’m not any more immune than anyone else to the pressures of the shoulds. I am, however, far more clear on how they affect me and what I want to do about them these days.

I may spend a minute or two feeling the should, bearing the guilt/shame/questions surrounding how I’m going to choose to act on it or not. But now, I can move much more easily and confidently past that and to whatever feels right for me.

Because I have taken the time to get to know and understand what’s right for me.

But if you don’t start there, if you don’t know what YOU want – you’ll always get stuck in the guilt/shame/questions part of the cycle and never move on to the freedom.

Get to know what you want, not what you should or shouldn’t. Move on to the freedom. Promise, it’s good over here.

If you feel this and want to hear more about handling the shoulds, check out episode 10 of the Good Thing We’re Perfect podcast. Emily and I broke it down, and it’s a good one.

Listen here, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

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