Good Thing We’re Perfect Podcast: Navigating adult friendship.

Good thing we're perfect podcast | kourtney thomas life coach

Adult friendship.

Is hard.

And complicated.

Not unlike basically any other deeply personal relationship with other humans…all raw and messy and full of emotion.

And hurt.

And joy.

The joy is the part we all want, but it’s pretty tough to get there without wading through all the rest.

As you already know, I’ve had my personal struggles with making friends and cultivating friendships and learning how to be a quality friend myself. But in that struggle, and as insecure as I still continue to be about adult friendship in my own life, there’s still never been a time when I was sorry for putting in the effort, and even enduring the pain, to bring out the joy.

It’s ongoing, and it’s ever-evolving, especially as we age and life seasons change. And I think acknowledging that and talking about it can only make both people in a friendship stronger – even when it means parting ways.

So let’s talk about friends, baby.

More on all this in this episode of the Good Thing We’re Perfect podcast. (Here: and anywhere you listen to your podcasts.) And honestly? There was so much more I missed mentioning and didn’t have time to bring up! But I think you’ll enjoy this conversation, and your friends will appreciate it too.

Now go call them, ok?

How have you managed adult friendships? I always love hearing your experiences. Send me an email, anytime.

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