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      A proper grown woman ass.

      proper grown woman | kourtney thomas life coach

      OK, forgive the picture of me in my sweet old lady undies, but give me a sec.

      I snapped this shot the other day in a dressing room while I was trying on some shorts. The shorts in question were too small, but they were on killer sale, so I thought, “Hey, why not try ‘em? I’ve recently been getting pretty ripped, maybe they’ll fit after all.”

      I tried a couple pairs, couldn’t button any, took them off, and I caught this glimpse in the mirror.

      My very first thought was, “Well, look at that ass!”

      And I may even have done a little wiggle.

      I didn’t think, “Ugghhhh, my butt has gotten so big, I can’t even fit into these jeans I would’ve been able to fit in a few years ago.”

      I didn’t think, “Gross! Look at that cellulite!”

      I didn’t think, “It’s too saggy. I need to do more glute work.”

      All I thought was, “That is what a proper grown woman ass looks like right there.”

      Not too long ago, I would have thought all those negative things and never considered that I could be happy with my body, or at the very least, not critical of it every single day in a way that consumed my thoughts and held me back and took away from living the life I wanted to live. I never would have entertained that letting go of those thoughts would give me so much more freedom to do so many more things I love with so much more joy.

      There’s no secret formula for how to get to that point, to move away from war and toward peace with your body image. It’s a process that takes time and practice and work. And is every day perfect and easy and love like this all the time? No. But spoiler alert, it all comes down to this:

      We have limited time on this earth, and I just do not believe we were put here to waste that time thinking about a stomach pooch, a roll, the size of our shorts today or yesterday, or how jiggly our asses are.

      Y’all. We’ve got to fill that dash between life and death with everything we’ve got. Not with self-loathing and wasted mean girl thoughts.

      So much more about this on Episode 5 of the Good Thing We’re Perfect Podcast. Emily Rau and I really got into this conversation, and I know you’re going to like this one. Check us out on iTunes and anywhere else you listen to podcasts – subscribe, rate, review, and as always – reach out and join the conversation!

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